The essence of this month is a blossoming energy. What seemed like an interminable wait is almost over. If you have kept faith through this time then the effects of the quarantine will most likely have proved negligible. And as the blossoming occurs in full for you, you are called to help those who suffered greatly. What is shared brings increase for all as sharing is the essence of what brings abundance. What has been over a year or more in the making comes to fruition if you are ready. If you are ready to bloom then the spring occurs and there is a symphony as many flowers come together in a riot of color and fragrance. What you have worked for, for so long comes together at the next level. The puzzle is now intact and the whole project can be known for what it is and displayed to inspire all.

There is a growing understanding that all of our suffering was an indication of where we made a mistaken choice to invest in the ego and set up situations to separate. More and more we will begin to realize that our obsession with getting our needs met, being right and having our way was not what made us happy but what the ego used to blind us to the miracle of what a relationship can be. A relationship not based on getting but giving can bring freedom and joy the more you bond. To love in every moment, to love your partner so completely is to rebond into a holy relationship, a relationship of love, healing and wholeness. A relationship is the vehicle of miracles. The ego on the other hand hijacks our relationships for its own specialness to build grandiosity and smallness. The special relationship is the great trap that along with guilt is used to keep intact the illusion of the world. The ego frequently uses romance and sex to obscure the nature of hate that it hides in a special relationship. This along with the attraction of guilt, being right, having your way and winning over your partner are aspects that the ego uses to lure us into the trap of an ego-based relationship. Relationships of holy love are ones that we have turned over to Heaven. This goes along with our commitment to reach transcendence through the profound joining with another that is beyond bodies. The focus on truth and going forward is what moves us closer to the right relationships of equality, mutuality and cooperation with our partner and all human beings. In this month whole areas of our lives can get back on track and only then will we realize how far we have been off. We can now begin to see that our most chronic problems were simply our fear of change and resistance to Heaven Whose Will for us is total happiness. Our fear of change comes from fear of changing painful perceptions of the past that have programmed us with pain, loss and failure but which can now be brought to truth. This brings love and gifts for whatever was missing in the past. A new and greater horizon can open for us now. We can heal the pockets of guilt we have turned into imprisoning perceptions and painful projections. These have locked our life in littleness rather than the truth of our greatness. There are gifts still waiting to be opened to meet every challenge and to bring happiness.

Loving Community

What underlies the blossoming this month is the love and support of partners, friends, family and community. This appeal of love is so much stronger than the attraction of guilt that attempts to keep us separate and afraid. It is our healing and coming together that saves the future. Let us answer the call of love this month and not get in the way of Heaven as it attempts to bring about a better way as this is the same purpose that you came to accomplish. As you give yourself and your gifts to Heaven they come back multiplied. We have come to go beyond limits including the limits the body seems to impose. The ego has convinced us that we are our bodies and it uses this to emphasize our separateness which is what the ego is. It uses the pain and guilt of the past to build itself and it feeds itself rather than frees us with truth.

Everything can be healed. That is Heaven’s Will. Would you align with Heaven’s Will of love and happiness for you and everyone? In every true relationship Heaven is included. Only choosing to give total love in every circumstance heals painful, sacrificial or choices for dissociated independence that give a false strength but compensate for the pain it hides. This hides the pain making it harder to heal while blocking all receiving. This month on the other hand is a month to enjoy and receive. Do this every day. Do this every hour.

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
May 2021
Kahalu’u, Hawai’i

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