May 2023

May is a month of measurement. How far have you come? You can measure your growth by the amount of happiness you feel. The happiness you feel shows you how much you are following God’s plan rather than your ego’s. The belief that you have failed, the belief that you are a sinner and therefore must be punished never to be free of torture until you die, is a sign that you are caught in guilt that you feel you can’t get rid of. On the other hand, a true perspective that frees you is that you, like everyone else, are just someone who has made mistakes, and mistakes can be corrected.

Guilt at some basic level is just a defense against the fear you have, and your fear is a thought that you cannot handle the next stage. All your sacrifice, grievances and emotions are part of the guilt you feel. Your emotions show that you feel guilty, and that you are blaming others and yourself for what could be simply corrected. When all the emotions tied to guilt and fear are gone there is only happiness and the joy that comes from love. It is May, and it is time to go “amaying.” It is time to be carefree and frolic a bit. This is what is available to you once you relinquish the past so you feel the joy that is only now.

What Heaven wants for you and what you truly want are the same; it is happiness. Only what comes from Love is real. The rest is our fabricated storyline, based on old experiences and beliefs that are no longer true. This keeps us stuck and straitjacketed in a world we don’t seem to want, but don’t know how to get out of.

The energy of May is freedom, as well as the change that brings it about. If you are not free, what is it you are afraid of? Who are you getting revenge on to be a slave in your life now? Truth, freedom and ease have the same dynamic as fully giving yourself. When one of these elements is missing they are all missing. When any of these elements are missing it shows that none of them are fully implemented. If you are doing it all yourself, it shows you are still trying to get something outside you to make you happy. This leads to the blame that someone foiled you in your attempt to get what you want. We tell ourselves that it was someone else who stopped us, rather than that we who got frightened and wanted to be independent, which our ego told us was freedom. Tantrums hide under our heartbreaks, traumas and shattered dreams. Tantrums are both the cause and the result of such painful experiences that throw us into a downward spin.

This month is meant to concentrate on just one thing: that God’s Will for us, which is happiness, is also our will for ourselves. If we are courageous we can be free. We can stop punishing ourselves for what was just a mistake. Give your problems to the Holy Spirit to be undone. Do not give your physical problems to the Holy Spirit to undo, as they are only an effect, but give the fear that causes the problem. It is the guilt and fear of the next stage in your life, and the past attachments that you hold back that keep you stuck and unhappy. Be free. Let go. Carry love in your heart and you will want to bless everyone around you with your joy and your free spirit. Ask the Holy Spirit to undo anything in the way, as well as empower your forgiveness to be even more effective. Let the flowering of last month be the garden of this month. Be Heaven’s best advertisement for love, and for the path of wonders on the way home to all the wonder there is.

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
May 2023
Turtle Bay, Hawaii

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