May 2024

The main theme for May is both the blossoming taking place and the joy that comes from it. There is nothing you need to do for blossoming except to enjoy it. There is nothing you need do for joy but invite and allow it. Don’t meddle or get in the way. Pushing has the same effect as pulling up the grass to help it grow. Bless the unfolding. Trust it. Welcome it but don’t try to make it happen. Pushing always shows a split mind of wanting to accomplish your goal while having another goal of being independent at the same time. All of your independence and your striving for a goal keeps your mind split. Every major trauma or heartbreak you ever had contained this split mind with you making the choice for independence and your way rather than the best way.

You are called for greatness. You will be shown the way. This month you will be shown your deeper purpose and if you are willing Heaven’s creative force will use you to accomplish it, showing that you are known and loved. You will do your purpose as it is done through you. Your calling is a gift to the world. It is you giving so completely that everything is easy. As you give yourself so completely you inspire and hearten those around you. As you turn back to your purpose for this life, you find it is something you always wanted.

In May bonding with parents, partner, children or friends is something that can strengthen your mind and enrich your heart. Through bonding illusions melt away from the earth bringing greater unity to a planet that needs it so badly. This is what we in our generation promised: We will help the world move from dissociated independence to cooperation and partnership. We will give up separation coming from our need to be special, our need to be right and our need to have things our way. Many opportunities will come our way this month if we are aware and prepared. May you be patient and let go of stress and irritation in exchange for sweetness and love. This month is meant to be a time out from our normal busyness without any loss of productivity. Take walks with your partner. Take walks with Heaven.

This world is caught in dualism, conflict and polarization. It is a death world. This is what the ego uses to stake out its territory, its identity, our prison, that it defends at any price. Love and peace is what we want as they bring beauty, abundance and communion.

Be naturally helpful this month as kindness brings greater kindness and joy melts the prison walls of self, leading us closer to Self-realization. As you free yourself a barrier within melts the barriers without. As you find the key to your prison cell you will find it is the key to free many others from their cells.

Your arrested selves will use guilt to distract you from the beauty and blossoming this month but what you thought you should be punished for was actually only a mistake. While you flay yourself from guilt, you don’t learn the lesson regarding your mistake and as a result you don’t move on. Punishing yourself for an illusion is the ultimate waste of time. The blossoming in May is a promise of fruitfulness to come.

There will be lots of sexual energy this month unless you have completely repressed it. Besides taking time for frolic and slippery celebrations know that this energy can be invested in love, art, building bridges, bringing wholeness, more business, richer relationships, true vision and flowering. Let Mary Magdalene be in charge of your sexual energy to be invested for love, creativity and your purpose.

Innocence invites essence and from essence comes beauty and the love that brings giving and going beyond yourself. If there was one word that proclaims the essence of May it is ‘magnificence’. The juiciness of love and kindness are overtures of what is luminous and brings transcendence this month. Transcendence cuts through illusion to a new level. It is the ability to uplift and carry you forward to new heights. Love and beauty both opens and transports, bringing a new and higher opening.

The biggest lesson and opportunity this month is to allow yourself to be loved. To accomplish this helps brings peace to the earth. As you let yourself be loved you naturally give more and as you give you naturally receive more. It is a spiral upwards to joy.

Heaven uses springtime to give you more as you open to it. Invite spring into your life. It awaits your welcome. Claim it. As a Child of God you are invaluable. God would be incomplete without you. Consider this the next time you are tempted to feel valueless. This is your month. It will be as magnificent for you as you are courageous to allow it to be magnificent.

A mystery of the feminine may reveal itself this month if you are willing and aware. You can receive this opportunity for yourself and the earth. Love is the key to opening this new vista in your mind. It is both vast and beautiful. This month exotic and ancient gifts may surface bringing new hope to you and the world. These gifts can mollify and neutralize the aggressiveness and violence in the world. This gift within you has been forming in your mind in the last couple of months. It can bring greater creativity and the will to birth it. You are called to lead the way for a new possibility and understanding that has been trying to manifest. As you receive and give this, it provides so much meaning in your life because this is what you came for.

Something also going on all the time but actually intensified in the next two month is the amount you are and experience your innocence. Every day feel your innocence and increase it. You can’t suffer self-attack when you are feeling innocent. And all attack toward you is your own self-attack through others. Heaven sees you innocent. This is the truth but not for your ego which keeps guilt to make you its slave.

What will go on for the next three months is realizing that whatever is stopping you, whatever you are waiting for, is really only your fear of progressing. To get over this fear, which is really a fear of loss of your little self, is simply to remember Who walks with you and who you really are.

In the next four months beginning now, you will have the opportunity to build something that will last beyond this lifetime. It is only an idea now but it will grow if you feed and water it. You deserve every good thing. Let yourself be blessed. Have a happy month!

For the next month and a half something is occurring that doesn’t often occur as strongly. It’s always going but rarely noticed: You can have as much love as you can handle. You can have as much love and light as you can receive. Every day spend time letting in more love and more Divine Love. You can save yourself lifetimes doing this. What a relief when you realize you could choose this instead of self-attack. Be happy!

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
May 2024
Kahuku, Hawai’i

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