Are you ready?

November is again a month of transition, but if you are ready and willing you can already begin the new chapter in your life. 2020 metaphorically and symbolically speaks of seeing with 20/20 vision. This year is meant to be a transition from everyday vision to the heights of the spiritual. Without this you believe in the disasters that can occur both personally and collectively. Heaven’s Love is all around you yet you have put your faith in the ego’s vision. And it only returns to you the faith that you have put in the disasters you made.

Spiritual Vision

There is only faith or fear but you get to decide what you will invest in. Results show where you have put the power of your mind. If you look with judgment you will feel judged. If you look with love you will see all the many witnesses to God’s Love. In A Course in Miracles it states that there is no greater love than to accept that reality is safe and sure and wholly kind to everyone and everything. This is the birth of gladness to know that “disaster is not real and reality is not disaster.” (A Course in Miracles) This is the switch from ego traps to human vision which invites to a better way to spiritual vision, which is stepping beyond the illusions of the world to be “in the world but not of the world.” This is having the realization that this great video game called life is here for us to learn soul lessons so we become ever more whole and joyful. But our attachments or untrue empathy lead to our suffering and being caught in the world. It states in A Course in Miracles that if we let the Holy Spirit interpret for us, there would only be joy. Attachments and guilt go together because it shows where we are trying to get or take from another. This comes from the arrogance of our littleness and our lack of self-value. To God we are totally valuable and absolutely priceless but in our arrogance we put our faith in the ego, the father of lies. Arrogance doesn’t love while love always shares. The ego tells us that attack is power and we should judge and separate from what we have judged being naturally superior to it.

This month you can make the leap of seeing with your love and looking out at the world through Christ’s eyes of love and forgiveness. This will allow you to see the exquisite world beyond this one. All the avatars of mercy, compassion and redemption who have been in this world are here to help. So put your faith not in your ego that only wants separation, control and being right.

A child looks about the world in wonder. A child has their family to provide for him or her. We have Heaven to provide for us but we are caught in the cycle of sacrifice and feeling we have to do everything ourselves. This is busyness of our own making. As Heaven is in charge, you can relinquish your control. The ego flatters itself in the specialness it can collect. Heaven has no such need and would do a better job as Heaven only brings love and miracles. The things we are called to do, Heaven would do through us with the adeptness that grace provides.

A better way

The Holy Spirit’s interpretation brings joy while the ego looks through eyes that see only problems and disasters. What do you want to put your faith in? Every time you feel bad or have a problem invite the Holy Spirit, the Tao into your mind. You will be freed of the obsessive thinking that comes from your problem. The impossibility of your problems are really only there because you are afraid of change and of losing your attachment to the world thinking that something in the world and not something in you will make you happy. There is a better way and when you find it you can share it. This pushes the celestial speedup button for the world. This opens the window of time and space for immediate results. Is there any part of your mind that you would hold onto? That is your ego that is treacherous to those who are loyal to it. (A Course in Miracles)

In every major collective issue such as the pandemic, California and Australia wildfires, hurricanes and earthquakes, there is meant to be an upgrade in consciousness to meet the need and set up breakthroughs in the scientific, visionary and spiritual areas of the mind for the world. Typically in such hard times people suffer a crisis of faith. And sometimes even the most optimistic of people don’t realize that they have sunk into a deeper layer of stress, anxiety and fear as old challenges remain and new ones emerge. If you are righteous and arrogant you will insist on seeing the shadow side acted out by your enemies but it is a movie in your mind that will come back to haunt you.

2020 Vision

So, how will you go through this transitional time. Kicking, screaming and complaining? Angry at the situation you have made or calling on Heaven be in service and to see through the eyes of love? Look at your life honestly. Do you want your ego’s interpretation or Love’s vision? Imagine what your life would be like to accept Christ’s joyful vision that disaster is not real and reality is not disaster. (A Course in Miracles) We live at a time in 2020 when the only answers are partnership and seeing from Heaven’s perspective. Let us learn that what we thought was impossible is just a miracle away if we would ask for and welcome it. “Be not afraid” is the phrase that appears most often in the Bible. Only with Love and the grace of Heaven which is Divine Love are all things possible. It’s been a slow evolution but the next phase of the Divine Plan is almost upon us. The Holy Spirit’s interpretation always brings joy. Invite and accept it.

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
November 2020
North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii

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