November is a month of transition, a month of leadership and a month of miracles. It is meant to take you quickly from where you are now to where you are meant to be. It is leading up to a bigger leap in December. In November there can be both inwardness and an equal balance of answering calls for help. There will again be big waves for you or those around you in November. If you are in terror, major problems or having to deal with health issues the following can be very helpful. Things can’t go on for you with the strain you and others are feeling. Here are Words of Power to heal.

I will forgive and this will disappear.

These words hold the key that opens Heaven’s gift, and brings the Love of God the Father down to earth at last, to raise it up to Heaven. A Course in Miracles, WB-p-I.193.13:5

It is important to be mindful and not rush forward in November as it can be a month where there are waves of extreme stress or where it feels like your world is collapsing. While this may be quite trying on the outside of your life it is a great opportunity within to forgive, let go of attachments, trust the process as it will be a birth or at the very least a renewal. November may seem like a place of sharp rocks but like a snake you can leave another skin that you have outgrown. If something like that occurs keep asking for the truth. If your world crashes down it is time for a reboot so you can have another step toward Heaven and helping the world. If there is major threat, terror, agonizing pain, guilt or if there is suffering of any kind A Course in Miracles suggests that you say those words of forgiveness asking Heaven’s help and having strong intention. This will hasten the birth if you seem to be in the belly of the beast.

One of the most important questions I learned in A Course in Miracles was to ask, “What do you want?” It focuses you and puts you in the right direction just like those words of forgiveness. Asked continuously in the face of a problem or even in the face of a trauma and it can remove layer after layer of what you are experiencing until you reach profound layers of peace, love and happiness. When you first start this exercise ask yourself when looking at the scene or feeling the emotions: Is this experience the same, worse or better? If it’s worse you have opened unconscious layers and that will be really helpful in the long run. When it starts getting better for awhile you know you are heading in the right direction.

November is a month where you can save lots of time by knowing what you want. The ego wants things that will lead to pain, disappointment or withdrawal. It hides your choices in the subconscious so that things seem to happen in your life that you did not want. Our life is full of bad choices made with the ego’s encouragement so it can stay alive and in control. Every place we suffered or felt guilt was a bad choice on our part. The ego is the assassin of the mind weakening it to sneak deeper making more fear and need. It then offers its services until we can’t see a difference between the ego and ourselves between its goal and ours. The ego wants to delay and distract. It wants to aim for what is valueless. It wants us to be lonely and separate, righteous and defensive, a victim or a victimizer, a sacrificer or a martyr so there is no real love or contact between us and others. It wants you to have a life of guilt and regret or a life where you are striding so fast into the future that you miss the present and its presents.

November is an excellent month to know what you really want. How many of your goals are you using to feed your ego and how many are a step forward in truth that brings both greater bonding and freedom. To advance it helps to know that fear is an ego generated illusion because if you go forward in truth and life, the ego’s influence is lessened. Don’t you want a relationship based on joining and wholeness rather than getting your needs met, winning or being right? A holy relationship as stated in A Course in Miracles is where both partners immediately go to transform anything that is not true or happy in service to each other and the relationship.

November is a month to take stock and reset any goals that aren’t true or where you have come up short. As A Course in Miracles states God won’t save you from what you want. So it’s important to get what you want straight. Some of the darkest beliefs about yourself are surfacing now. It’s a time to molt and come up renewed. More Words of Power that you can use for any problem, heartbreak or failure is,

There is no gain at all to me in this

A Course in Miracles. This will again skin layer after layer of the problem until you get back to peace and joy. It is important to remember that with any heartbreak you still have from the past, it will pattern a life of revenge, hatred, self-hatred, guilt, fear, bitterness and cynicism. Clean up the past because it is programming your life. What you are looking for outside of you in your partner or your world is actually inside of you. (A Course in Miracles) You are what you’ve been looking for. Heaven and God are within. What you are searching for outside yourself will lead to disillusionment. When you go to get something you do so because you feel you are missing something inside. When you go to give something both you and others are blessed. What is it you want? What is it you really want? What you want with your whole mind comes easily.

Truth will show you the way if you ask. Heaven wants you to have everything. It is only you who deny yourself. Heaven is both Divine Fullness where you have everything. And at the same time is Divine Emptiness where there is nothing (no thing) but light, Love and joy.
So, what is it you are chasing?
Where does your happiness lie?
What is it you really want?
How do you want to spend your time?
What direction have you been going in?

Place your future in the Hands of God (A Course in Miracles) and know you are safe. Do this over and over. And if you are in the flow of life, help your brothers and sisters who are going through tough times as it will help both of you. Answer the calls for help and be most responsive to those who need you.

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
November 2021
North Shore, Hawaii

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