November is a month of transition. It is crucial not to be frightened or see through the distortion of fear as it can turn an incident into a serious issue. Keep the faith. Trust the process. It is a transition on the way to a launch. The theme for November is “stay the course”. You can make steady progress this month if you focus on what’s important and what is possible. On your mind depends the unfolding of the world. If you keep faith in what you want with your partner, your partnership, yourself and in Heaven what you want becomes a sure thing. Slow and steady wins the race, though about once a week there will be an opportunity for a breakout success. Stay the course. Remember the fundamentals. Let yourself be held and comforted. There is comfort within you and around you if you allow for it. Do nothing that you would not want your children to do as they follow in your footsteps.

This is a good month to take the steps necessary to support the launch of what’s to come in the months ahead. What are the steps that you can take now to make things easier for the new beginning that’s possible and coming?

A master watches their mind, knowing that their thoughts make their world and their experience. You are only imprisoned to the extent you believe you are. What you set up as defenses now have become your prisons. The pain you were meant to lock out, you have locked yourself in with. It also cut you off from your heart, leaving you an outcast in your own life from what gives life. Any place you suffered, as well as any place where you feel you are right, shows a place where you are now defended and lifeless in your life. This was set up by you and it can be changed by you. At the center of your defenses the old pain still exists, and now has a thick coating of defense. You can imagine these defenses now between you and your partner, you and your children or you and anyone who needs your help. You don’t have to be locked out of your life or your heart.

When any part of your life feels dissociated or dead it is just hiding fear. Fear always has an object. What are you afraid of? If you think of anyone you have a judgment on, and realize that by having it against anyone you have it against everyone—including those you love the most—understand that this can be changed. By forgiving them you realize that what you judged in them occurred because you have judged it in yourself.

You can realize it was simply a mistake, and as a result let your higher mind, whose function it is to heal such things, step in to dissolve the illusions involved. We live in a world of illusions. As you dissolve your illusions you become happier, and you don’t countenance and support illusions around you. You have come to help free the world, and it begins by you freeing yourself. The pain you are experiencing at whatever level you are experiencing it, shows illusions you are still buying into you that keep you imprisoned. By healing your pain you no longer support the dream of pain in the world you see.

You have been secretly choosing pain instead of truth and the joy it brings. When you join with another both of you are freed. If you join someone with whom you are in a fight it dissolves the pain, guilt and fear that the separation brings about. The separation falls away and what is left is a new level of equality, mutuality and bonding, which brings the feeling of freedom. From roots come wings.

To join someone you don’t need to agree with them. That comes after you have joined at a new level that results from your bridging. To bridge, simply see your mind joining with theirs across whatever distance there seems to be. Then join heart-to-heart, and finally light-to-light. Each time you do this another level of connection emerges. There is only Oneness, but living in a world of illusion born of separation, it is not our experience. Yet, if we set the goal to find Oneness with one person and succeed, we will realize this with all people. If you do this joining once a day with your partner, you can keep building a house of love to live in with them. If you do this continuously with someone you are at odds with, you will soon find that you are now in balance with them instead.

November is a good month for inspiration and letting your mind be open to all that Heaven wants to show you to make your life happier and freer. If you can give yourself time for connection within, it will be well rewarded with new truth and happy ideas. Take time and respite from your dream world, and value yourself enough to give you time to connect and join.

With every pain or trauma you suffered in your life you closed doors that would have let in love, gifts and other forms of abundance. You can revisit each painful event in your life, and know by your pain that you made a mistake and closed doors as a result. Welcome the truth and open these doors now. Enjoy the quiet things in your life. Your life as it is now and the people in it won’t always be there. Enjoy them now fully, but remember to let go of any attachment to them, because your attachment puts them at risk. You can choose to be happy and enjoy coming together in love with friends and family. Be at peace. All is well. Everything rests in Heaven’s Hands. Let yourself rest there also.

One of November’s paradoxes is that while things are slowing down this month, there is a sense of time moving faster. Taking quiet time and meditation can help you bridge and sort this experience into more an experience of depth, rather than an experience of acceleration. If you are on the right path and focusing correctly, you will find peace and enjoyment. If you are not experiencing this, keep inviting truth to come into your mind and your life. This is a month to find what brings you peace as well as the quiet experiences that bring you happiness.

What would set you on the right course of healing is to reflect on your life. Notice that all the times you suffered, it was as the result of someone not living up to your expectations. You had a sense of how they should have acted according to you and your needs. Yet, if you could examine your subconscious, you would see that how another acted was exactly according to a script you chose and hid from yourself. This is the proverbial split mind in which you have something occurring that you seemingly don’t want occurring. This is where you can ask yourself those crucial questions to bring what is buried in the subconscious to light.

What did I use this for? What am I using it for now?” Bringing the hidden part to light allows you to make another choice. It also allows you to see your collusion and responsibility in every untoward event. This makes forgiveness so much easier.

We use such untoward events to justify or give ourselves an excuse for how we are now. We use fear of going forward, guilt and self-punishment, revenge, fear of one’s gifts, and fear of our purpose—as well as the strong desire to do things our way in order to set up obstacles to obstruct us. After hearing hundreds of thousands of responses to these questions over the years, these are the ones that come up time and time again. With the quieting of the mind, and the slowing down that this month can contain, you can ask yourself this question over and over. What do I want now?

Your grievances have ruined your life and its best to get rid of them. Your denial has hidden all of your accountability, and therefore all of your power and freedom. Yet you can get it back. What do you want now? If your choice doesn’t contain your happiness you are cheating yourself. Your sacrifice will not make you happy. Your independence will not make you happy. You had to pay too high a price for them while hiding the truth from yourself. And you did this to build an ego you don’t really care for, nor does it care for you.

All the pain you suffered was a way you cheated yourself and made your life a sacrifice. To be free you will need to go beyond all your mistaken plans for sacrifice, dissociated independence and the suffering you thought was a small price to pay for what you wanted. Are you left with anything more than littleness, resentment and the feeling you didn’t live up to your potential as you examine your life? Time to choose. What do you want? What do you want now?

May you have a fruitful and enjoyable month.

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
November 2022
North Shore, Hawaii

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