November 2023

November is a month of returns. In truth this means that the ‘Garden of earthly delights’ is available, belonging to us as God’s Child. One way that this can occur is to feel through any emotion as courageously as possible, and to enjoy each sweet pleasure as fully as possible as well. The ego, on the other hand, demands ‘justice’, which is its word for punishment and self-attack. The Higher Mind, on the other hand, sees justice as a return to what you deserve, which is Heaven, and on this plane is Great Good Fortune. Your ego harbors idols of death, to turn you away from life, and have your journey be heavy and troubled. Heaven is offering a life of grace, not a rocky road. But what do you want? Which do you choose?

In November, hidden places of secrets within and self-attack will come to the surface, pushed up by your soul’s gravity. This will bring old issues to the surface, because your soul wants to purify in order to become ‘no-self,’ the home of iridescent light, and the gateway to the Self that knows it is one with God. Your ego will tell you that you are a fraud, as old ‘shortcuts’ may come to the surface. Some of your compensations this month may collapse, leaving only the pain, failure and darkness they were hiding. This seems to emphasize and reinforce what the ego was telling you, but if looked at in the proper perspective, you will see it is a wonderful time to purify and return to your innocence. Your innocence was established by God at your creation, and can’t be changed because it is changeless. Each of us has different lessons, so our journey home is individualized. When you reach a certain level of evolution you will recognize another’s issues, especially those close around you, as your still unfinished lessons; still hidden in the past, yet acted out by those around you. As you help others, you help yourself.

We are evolving toward Oneness. We are changing, which is a blessed gift from God until we reach the changelessness that is Heaven. As T.S. Elliot wrote, “We shall never cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started, and know the place for the first time”. We change until we recognize ourselves as how we were created. We were created innocent by Innocence Itself. All the attacks and prosecution you have brought against yourself, secretly asking for the death sentence, will be thrown out by the Supreme Court run by Heaven. God created you as His beloved Child, and nothing, including the ego, can change who you are and what you deserve. The ego wants to convince you that you are a sinner, and that where you carry guilt you deserve to die. The higher mind responds, saying that it was simply a mistake that can be corrected. As you heal you become more whole, as conflicts within melt together in a new and higher focus with peace and confidence.

This month many mistakes, such as old and ancient places of taking from others, will come to the surface for healing. Put them all on the Altar of God, which will burn away the impurities, illusions and separation, transforming problems and trouble into gifts. The gifts are answers to your problems that provide solutions all the way up to, and including, collective issues. What is going on in the world today are collective issues we are all learning. Your release will release many, and help Heaven to uplift and free the world. So bless, forgive and bring light to the world; and all the corrupted cheaters, manipulators, bullies and attackers as well as those shadow parts within you that are buried and surpressed. Everyone that you see in the world that you hate and would hate to be are unhealed, shadowy self-concepts still within you that you punish yourself for. These call for forgiveness, in order to release both you and those you have projected them on. What you find hardest to forgive are things in your own past lives that you haven’t forgiven yourself for. To forgive them now is to release and be released.

November is a month of refining your mind, your world and your self. We do this until we reach ‘no-self,’ which is a place of receiving all there is to receive from Heaven. Under all of your problems there is a gift. The size of the problem shows the size of the gift. If you weren’t afraid of the gift you could recognize what it is and allow yourself to be free. Also, this month you can place your beliefs and belief systems that are constricting you on the Altar of Truth, and receive both the gift and the freedom that hide within these ego traps. This month there will be ample opportunities to be gracious and kind, rather than fearful and angry. Take these opportunities, because they will allow you to let your mind sink into your heart. This has the effect of transmuting individual consciousness into Universal Consciousness.

This month take all of the burnout in your life to God’s Trading Post. Burnout is a place you have lost heart, and now have no trustonly cynicism and bitterness. Burnout is an ego trap that would have you become more independent and dissociated, and thus have you burnout even quicker. How many burnouts do you have in your life? In relationships? In sex? At work? In regard to your purpose? About yourself? If you will take your burnouts to God’s Trading Post, God’s Trading Post always ‘trades up’.

You are only allowing into your life what you feel worthy of receiving. “When the receiver is ready the giver appears.” In this life, your chronic problems trace back to your beginning years, when you became convinced your early family problems were your fault. This hides how you are the embodiment of the solution. To see truly is to see that you brought in Great Good Fortune and love for your family. Be the answer you are looking for. It is what is within you to bless everyone. Most of what you have been trying to fix and heal is Heaven’s function. Delegate problems to the Divine, get out of the way, and let grace do the job. In this way you partner with Heaven, and Heaven wants you to use grace to solve everything. It is God’s Will for you to have an easy life, because you have a great and almighty Father. Also, there is nothing that would be a sacrifice in your life if you gave yourself 100% to what you were applying yourself to. There will be no sacrifice in your life if you approach everything with love. God loves you. Let Him help you by receiving His miracles.

This month you are called to leadership by turning emergency into emergence. Helping is one of the most meaningful ways you can spend your life. It helps you join in partnership with Heaven to uplift the collective. Your problems, pain and self-attack are all meant to distract and divert you from the calls for help that are all around you. Instead of attacking yourself, ask who needs your help and send your blessings to them. It will return both of you to a flow, at least until the next self-attack comes. Everyone needs help, and your blessings can make all the difference.

The attack in your life that you received from others was you reaching across, sticking your hand up their ‘handpuppet,’ and having them do to you what you secretly wanted. Forgive them and yourself to be free of the roots of what is holding you back. Another form of transformation is to look for the gift you were frightened to receive, accept it, and watch the pain and attack dissolve as you embrace and share it. Another way is to welcome truth and grace into whatever is holding you back, and watch the problem melt away. You are God’s Child. You deserve all good things. Problems are lessons meant to be learned or unlearned.

November could be a month of easy transformation, and the end of chronic problems, as you experience emerging from your time of transition into the birth the new chapter that is waiting. Until that new beginning, keep refining and working toward ‘no-self,’ to receive all of Heaven’s bounty. Answer the calls of help that come to you; blessing and restoring innocence to yourself and others by your forgiveness. May you have a month of fineness and kindness.

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
November 2023
Kahuku, Hawaii

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