Now is the prelude to a birth.

This month portends a new beginning that will continue into the New Year. It is time to go beyond business as usual. This is the ego’s complacency that actually tries to slow down what wants to unfold. People fighting for their way is their business as usual. People’s “righteousness” hides where they feel wrong and guilty. There is a strong current within us in which we want to appear always right and yet still the same as everyone else. We do this in order to get approval and to not stand out from the herd. There is also a part that is rebellious and gets us into loads of trouble, while a true part of us strives for our purpose, fulfillment and greatness. What opposes us in life as outside obstacles is really only the parts of our own mind that we think are antagonistic to the status quo, and what we most identify with as ourselves. We don’t recognize that what opposes us reflects the parts of our mind that seems disloyal and treacherous. All belief systems see other belief systems within as shadow sides, and we project this on others. In the fight to be right with others we have given up our spiritual principles of compassion, forgiveness and love. Only by coming together can we bring about a profound new consciousness that is peaceful, interdependent, wise and connected to Heaven. Effectiveness this month can grow from the busyness of efficiency into the centeredness of mastery.

Welcome Grace

October will have its share of problems, but if we are honest we would see what we hid from ourselves. We would then acknowledge in truth that 90% of our problems are ones we set up out of fear in order to slow us down and hold us back. It is fear of love that cripples us. Though some deceive themselves by compensating to prove they are dedicated to love, the destructive results are the same. We are afraid of love because we have a belief that love is sacrifice, and that God Who is total Love demands the ultimate sacrifice that would annihilate us (A Course in Miracles). This has us then seek out relationships dedicated to competition and getting the upper hand for our ego. The ego desires to prove that it is better than anyone, and if put on the spot it would attempt to justify sacrifice by saying, “I have to do the tasks that God hasn’t completed.” We have sided with the ego because it has convinced us that it asks less sacrifice of us than God does. The ego is treacherous. It actually attacks and demands sacrifice in spite of what it promises. If there was no sacrifice there would be no guilt (A Course in Miracles). If there was only innocence there would be a return to the Garden with its level of bonding and union. The ego in its attack attempts to tell us the only way out for us is to die. If we were to ask God what the ego would tell us, He would also say that our ego would tell us to die. If we asked the ego, the father of lies, what God would recommend it would tell us, “God would tell you to die.” Knowing the ego always lies and God always tells the truth, you can safely choose the opposite of their answers for each other and thus choose life. Anything that chooses death is not of God, the Principle of Life. Where you have been depressed and mortally disheartened, grace is now available to renew yourself. Welcome it. Where you have been frightened you are called to welcome back your confidence, boldness and passion and this is a good month to do that.

In October you can begin to understand the bankruptcy that comes from competition where the ego seeks to make itself the commander in chief over all. If the ego can’t gain the top spot in its competition it will seek to take the losing side. The ego always seeks to keep us above some people and below others with no chance for peace. Once we start finding all the hiding spots where the ego has buried guilt, as well as the fear that comes from guilt, we recognize that when they surface they look completely different. We then begin to know all the competition and fear symptoms as they show themselves and no longer blithely buy into the ego’s belief system, its regular misperceptions or its betrayals.


The support of a friend, mentor or dedicated family member in October can make all the difference in your willingness to let go of attachments. You can trust whatever process you are in for a positive outcome and give yourself wholeheartedly to the next step. If you choose to remain attached you can either have a most difficult birth or you can remain dormant at a time where it is possible to experience thirty years of growth in the next month. Imagine that you knew thirty years ago what you know now. My guess is that you would be much more happy and successful if you had that true understanding in the last thirty years. What seems possible now is that we could experience a month of celestial speedup. Take advantage of this grace. Choose now and keep choosing to have the best, most accelerated month.

While many people will remain asleep, and a number rudely awakened, there will be some dedicated to healing who will find a small oasis of enchantment with the people they are with. Keep in mind that you could have a birth that is as easy as a “greased grape” or one as difficult as a four-day labor that seems desperate at every turn. You get to choose. You always give yourself what you think you deserve. In truth you deserve the best.

Chuck Spezzano

P.S. Good work on keeping last month safe.

Nightlight Newsletter
October 2020
Kaneohe, Hawaii

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