October 2021

Big changes are afoot in the next six months and this month can be a precursor of what occurs in 2022. So much is possible in this next year to look forward to and most it is good. Yet there are challenges toward the end of the month that some of us will be called to meet and transform. Of course, our personal challenges can come at any time especially when we get off the track or don’t succeed at one of our soul challenges that we have set up for ourselves. So much can be accomplished this month if you are certain about what you want and if you give your mind and heart in your desire to go forward you can easily achieve what you want. Welcome what you want every night and every morning and whenever you think of it. God wants to give you every good thing but your guilt and belief in sin closes you off from God’s Love and largesse.

Advancement in life is advancement in happiness. All pain comes from our desire to seek our happiness outside ourselves. We attempt to get, take, accumulate and consume. What is outside is what we have judged within and projected outward on the world. This makes us ambivalent and uncertain about anything on the outside because we have judged and projected it out. What we experience outside ourselves is what was in us that we thought we got rid of but the ego holds onto it, judging others while hiding the guilt within in order to punish ourselves. The ego attacks us and others to perpetuate itself. Forgiveness on the other hand releases us of guilt, judgment and attachment. It releases others of our dark perceptions. Giving and generosity also release us. Finding within us what we are seeking for outside ourselves and sharing it frees us.

We are God’s children. He gave us everything of Himself at our creation. Yet as we sought to separate in a vain attempt to become God instead of God’s child. We thought God did to us what we were doing in separating from Him. We made Him our enemy at least in our own mind. The attack on God through separation was an illusion. What we thought happened had less effect on God than a baby getting mad at its mother. Yet to us it had the effect of cutting us off from Divine ecstatic Love. This made us even more alone as we tried to make the case that God was a bad God by using every dark thing that happened to us as proof to show we should be the Boss. In this demented fashion we separated and suffered. We separated and fell. And we replayed the same pattern of separation and falling in this life. We separated and blamed the very people we were called to help and at the same time blamed God for our mistakes. If the subconscious became conscious we would naturally recognize it was our mistaken choices attempting to get what could never make us happy. Then we might choose to have compassion toward ourselves and all others.

October is a month meant to be filled with understanding and compassion for ourselves and everyone else. As a result our heart will grow and we set our sights once more on God as everything we do for another we do for God. They are all His children. There are many openings and possibilities this month to grow and learn. If you are willing and a happy learner. While we have some distractions that look like likely avenues there will be many real opportunities. Ask always to be shown the truth. This is not a time to waste time. One helpful aspect of October is that hidden aspects of the saboteur and spoiler shadows can show themselves this month for healing what has held you back. Areas of scarcity and even self-destructiveness can finally clear up. This is not the time to give up.

Your hidden desire to win in every circumstance has just added to your stress. When you want so much control you don’t realize it makes you think you have “to do it all!” This adds up to worry, stress and getting in the way of the answer with its grace and miracles. Give yourself a break. The sun will rise every morning without you. Do what you are called to do. Enjoy what you are called to do as well as all the extra carefree time that is possible when you don’t have “to do it all.”

Notice where you demonize those who don’t believe as you do and let that go to free yourself and move on from a fight that was just a way to slow yourself down with your own fear. The ego is intent on polarization and separation. They are at the root of all problems. We are meant to learn how to heal by integrating, joining and unifying for peacefulness and power. We think others who oppose us are thwarting us but only we can thwart and deprive ourselves. As we become more whole we invite and are able to receive more good things into our life. Because we project our judgments and split mind out on the world we are always only fighting ourselves in the world as the mirror of our mind. Your fear of looking within at the judgments and guilt keeps you projecting and judging everyone and the world. It keeps the world dark and you unhappy. Be at peace. All is well. No one shall fall from God’s loving grasp. Your focus and integrity can grow this month bringing expansiveness and freedom.

October is a month of beginning to prepare for your treasure ship to arrive in 2022. Clear the way. Heal yourself. Open up your many spiritual gifts that make the path in life easy, full of life and love. Welcome all the light coming in October.

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
October 2021
Kahalu’u, Hawaii

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