There are big events personally and globally coming in October. These are events that can make a difference in the world positively or negatively. And even the negative ones can be helpful in that it is the upwelling of the infection in the mind as well as that of the collective mind coming from deep within showing what needs correction. All manner of separations began as we fell lifetime after lifetime, millennium after millennium. Bad choice after bad choice from the past still plague us. Fall after fall continue to haunt us. Each fall separated us more and more from ourselves and others and darkened the world of consensual perception. In this way the “Garden” was lost to us except as an idea. When the world falls away as a dream it is we get closer to the Garden and this is Awakening. The second Awakening is the experience of Oneness and it can bring back both awareness and experience of the Garden. To regain this awareness of Paradise or Heaven on earth takes focusing our attention on Heaven and communing with God. Only those who live with such love and ardor will know Heaven and Self-Realization. This is the realization that there is no difference between your self and your Higher Self. The second Awakening is the Awakening of the Heart and the Christ Mind. It is the gateway Home and the bridge to Oneness. October is a big month that offers major choices and large opportunities to leap forward on your journey to Oneness. You can ask to receive the guidance and certainty that truth provides as you go forward.

Stress is an avoidance. There are certain emotions you would rather not face and so you feel stress instead. Under those emotions there is a gift or new level of an old gift you have been shy to embrace. Be brave and heal yourself if only by recognizing these old painful emotions are an opportunity for leaping forward. It will save you time and it will make your life easier. Each stress, problem or major reaction hides a prison you have made. You blame this state of limitation on another or on circumstances but you are the one who made your life the way it is. Your destiny was written in Heaven and not in hell. If it’s been in hell you can ask the Tao to correct it for you.

October sets the tone for 2023. It is a month for new chapters. What seems to begin in January of this next year actually starts in October. It is the prelude to the coming year. Spend some quiet time to see what you really want and what you are really being called to give yourself to. A negative event in your life is a form of self-attack or even revenge against another that you meant to hide. Any attack against you is an attempt to assuage and dissolve old guilt. And while self-attack may distract you from the unbearable experience of guilt, it does nothing to heal it. Only forgiveness and letting go can do that. In any major event or trauma in your life there is always a major gift you had put in your backpack to easily free you and at the same time free everyone in that situation. When anyone acted badly as a victimizer they were calling for your help and that is what your hidden gift was given to you for. Most of the time these gifts are below the level of your awareness. As you open and share the gift, it becomes a form of forgiveness. As a result of your giving you see others’ innocence. You see their need as they call for help and you can help with the gift within you that gives at a whole new level. You can also remember Heaven and ask for Its grace to bring any miracle as it is needed. One reason this asking sometimes doesn’t seem to work is that you are caught in fusion with the attacker or others from the past and are afraid to change. In these healing situations you can simply give back to those with whom you are fused the parts that you have used to bolster yourself and then welcome back the parts that are you. Next ask the Tao or Holy Spirit to bring the miracle between you. Fusion is muddled boundaries and it is a great ego trap that prevents partnership and keeps you in sacrifice.

Whatever you really want and choose for October and the coming year see it as already accomplished. Want it with all your heart. See it coming to you easily at your invitation. Welcome it. When your life has lost its flavor and no longer attracts you it is becoming more meaningless and you are called to heal another layer of dissociation. It is time you withdraw from trying to get meaning outside you and instead break out of another prison around your heart.

For meaning you can simply ask Heaven, “What’s my meaning?” The words that come in will carry both meaning and grace. When the world seems empty and there seems to be no feeling in it, you have reached a place where you are too afraid to step forward beyond your defensiveness and face your emotions. When you have become too hardened or stuck then both your ego and higher mind will conspire together for opposite reasons to bring an event to crack the hard nut of your ego’s defensiveness. The ego does this to compound your hidden pain and lock you more firmly in your reliance on its will while the higher mind finding no other way to reach you and knowing that keeping the pressure and toxic emotions inside would be catastrophic allows an event to crack you open.

This is actually what sets up the dynamics of catastrophic illness. It is at once a trap and a revenge as well as an attempt to pay off guilt. Yet if you look at every negative event from a truer perspective it is a wake-up call suggesting there is more for you to heal and learn and this is in your best interest. Your change is your cure. Be a willing learner. If you are a happy learner it will free you. Nothing else is required of you for growth but your willingness. Heaven will do the rest. Pain is not Heaven’s Will for you but when you have closed off in defense and righteousness then an easy birth to the next stage is unlikely. An easy birth is Heaven’s plan. But what is the way you want now? Look back at your life. What was your hidden plan when there was pain? Was your agenda more buried or blatant? If it was painful, who did you blame for it besides Heaven? Pain is a sign you are punishing yourself for some sin you think is real.

Lots of fun and delightful moments permeate October but focus and resolve are what the month calls for. This is the month where you can see both a new stage and a new you. You can shed your old skin easily or painfully as you choose. In November you might say of October that it was a place of sharp rocks where you have left another skin. Even if it was painful you are now free of how constricting it was. This could bring you anguish and agony as you free yourself. It could have you feeling totally cut open but it will release the core story holding you back that you have been writing in your life. Was this hidden pattern a suffering or tragic story that you have been telling?

This month can host a birth and it can be an easy one if you allow it. Welcome the birth and choose to let it be easy every time you think of it. This is a big step in your soul’s evolution and it will undo illusions that will allow you to see yourself and the world more clearly as darkness fades away. The new perspective won’t include guilt or sin (what you believe is irreversible guilt), nor will it contain self-attack or blaming others for your hidden choices.

Heaven’s abundance and largesse are always meant to grace your life and let you know you are Heaven’s precious Child. Remember this. Feel it. Embrace it. Be at peace.

If necessary seek and find the midwife you need, one who knows this month could be an easy birth that leads to a renaissance. In A Course in Miracles it states that the way to save yourself and then the world is to remember who you are and how you were created as the light and love.

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
October 2022
Kahalu’u, Hawaii

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