For many, October is a birth month, ending the transition they have been in. For others, their transition ends in November, December, or January and some even in the beginning of February. Hang on. Your birth is coming. Great openings will occur. Much that is hidden will be revealed. In the world, in more cases than usual, the truth will be triumphant. And as a result, hope and inner peace will burgeon for many. In October, light will begin to shine where illusions can be dispelled.

Many people will look at their lives this month and realize they’ve been cheating themselves, and instead to choose to be true to themselves. They will discard roles, outdated rules, and harmful beliefs they’ve used to imprison themselves and limit their relationships. They will instead choose honesty, authenticity and the integrity that are beyond self-deception.

To cheat another is to cheat yourself. To cheat yourself is to cheat everyone — especially those you love. To be true to yourself will become not only a priority, but also a necessity. Many will wake up from their bad case of heavy scheduling to find balance. Where there was fusion, bonding will be sought. Where you have been off track and “out of sorts,” a new, truer alignment will be sought.

In relationships, the paucity of distance, the destructiveness of competition, and the pain of separation will be realized. And choices for joining will increase that will dissolve old pain, sacrifice, and dissociated independence, which only hide and compensate for conflicting emotions and dark beliefs.

The principles of equality and mutuality will become foremost qualities in intimate relationships that can save a couple from heartbreak and disinterested boredom. For many, this month will crescendo with new levels of success that soon become everyday. Through giving oneself fully in work, life and relationships, new and innovative approaches will abound as a result. Fresh bridging and even integration will occur, with progressive and conservative elements that before seemed at odds. This joining will occur in your own mind.

In the last third of the month catastrophes and disasters may become more imminent. But you can send the light and love into the future even now to diminish, and even dissolve, these events before they occur. And if these events do occur, keep sending the light so it dissolves these eruptions of darkness. TRUTH will begin to creep into our lives to free us from many belief systems, most of which are defenses the ego uses to stay secure, making prisons. Where some people seem hell-bent on destruction and spitefulness, the light is coming to free them and us.

Know that as you reach for Heaven, Heaven is reaching to you. A sweet note for October is that unless your heart is closed, there will be many things this month to delight and please you. Doors that have been closed will open, even to the point where some are torn off their hinges. Flow that has long been in drought will begin to freshen and beautify what surrounds you, and what seemed in retrograde will rush forward.

A small few may feel as if God is testing them this month, but that is just the emotions of this birth transition. God never tests. He has perfect faith in you. He knows you completely and loves you utterly. You are His Beloved Child. You can call for His miracles.

A birth is a leap forward to a new chapter. Many problems are healed in this way simply by going forward. As you take the next step there is an ever new perspective.

If you are miserable in some way, keep asking yourself, “What do I want?” Each choice is a step in the right direction, and this simple exercise could be life-changing. Where misery is happening in any form there is somehow a subconscious choice for a hidden payoff. These mistaken choices and painful patterns that come as a result can be brought up to the light to be dispelled. Also, on a bright note, in the last third of the month a good number of people will have their “ship come in.” Welcome this new level.

In A Course in Miracles it states that everything is a lesson that God would have you learn. And that every lesson is a miracle God would have you accept. Be willing to accept that miracle to learn the lesson easily.

October is a big month. Be ready for it so you are neither surprised nor overwhelmed. A big part of October is meant to be a gift introducing new ease and grace into your life. October has a beauty all its own, and it can open up a path of beauty for you that glimpses the joy of Being. Let it carry you away. The dakinis and the Goddess await you. Every day open to what is possible. Any limitations are the walls of your own mind. Do not make into a prison what was meant to be a prism.

Bless yourself and everyone this month; to the extent you exclude anyone, you will be excluded. Blessing is the alternative to the destruction that comes from judgment. If you were innocent you would only see a need for compassion, as judgment attacks and punishes another in an attempt to avoid your own guilt. Place your problems on the altar of God. If God didn’t create it, it doesn’t really exist. It’s an illusion you are investing in for some reason.

Let yourself savor the beauty and riches of October. Remember the joy and innocence of how you were created in love, as an image of Love that is God Himself.

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
October 2023
Turtle Bay, Hawaii

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