September – bring positive energy around you

There are major emergent energies unfolding in September. The old adage, “forewarned is forearmed,” comes to mind. In the world the pandemic, the Beirut explosion as well as the Amazon and the California fires are examples of the force of the collective unconscious, and its issues pushing up and out. This is the explosiveness brewing for September. On the other hand, there is also an influx of energy bringing in a cutting edge to take us to new territory in partnership. But we have yet to reach the final round and the climax that will bring what’s coming to be healed. Don’t be surprised. Don’t be blindsided. This is a month to do all you can do to bring about positive energy around you: If you pray, then pray. If you meditate, then meditate. If you are on a healing or spiritual path, then give yourself in that way, as if the lives of everyone you love depends on it. Be levelheaded and patient. Listen to guidance. Recognize sacrifice and being attacked are attacks from your ego. Invite Heaven to make all of your decisions for you. If you are asleep in your life you could be in for a rude awakening, yet what comes this month is not just something that only a few will have to face.

Loving Help

In A Course in Miracles it states that suffering is ignorance. There is so much buried inside that we hide from ourselves, and so many mistaken decisions we have yet to transform. We are complacent about many things, but this is a dangerous time to be complacent. What comes to your mind that you need to address and heal?! We are in a time of transition, and it is dangerous to try to conduct only business as usual. Want the truth with all your heart. It will free you and show the way, helping to clear the corruption and greed of the world for mutuality and abundance. We suffer in our refusal to give birth at a time of world birth, but this can change. It is not a time to hold things in, or to dissociate. It is not a time to take your stress out on others. No matter what else you do, you can make things better. Sometimes you can only do this for one person, but that is enough. Open yourself to receive Heaven’s grace and miracles. Every gift and grace you need will be afforded you, if you invite only happy witnesses to your perception. What we experience in life comes from what we invite. Unfortunately, this could be a month where many souls choose to leave the world. Let the angels walk with you, and bless your mind with light. Be open to the loving help that will show you the way.

The transition this month is meant to raise both relationship intelligence, and the spiritual quotient on the earth. We can live to regret it if we delay or divert ourselves from what we are called for. When major issues erupt, it shows where we have invested in littleness and hiding. You have a calling, listen to it. If you trivialize your life you will miss the boat entirely. Every morning when you wake up you can ask what you are called to do for Heaven today, your partner, your family, your community and your world. Only Heaven’s way will work. If everyone does their part it can be a month that catapults the world and the collective forward, where the worst case scenario is reduced by 90%. If we all do our part, because you did your part there can be collective steps forward. If you are sensitive, you can be aware of a network of cooperation lighting up in unity across the world. If we pledge the power of our mind, to bring the love needed in the world, what was explosive can become abundance. Difficult births need not be. It can be a time of easy, happy births that add to the flow.


Where you are suffering is where you have attachment, and no matter what you say attachment is not love. This is a month of finding and letting go of attachments as it makes all the difference. Don’t try to change the present in order to try to recapture the past. We may have romanticized the past, but to try to return to how things were would be an unfortunate regression. Let us either step forward into the future or remain in the present as the gateway to eternity. Know that as God’s child, you are entitled to the easy way as the truth brings ease and the path to freedom. You need prove nothing in your life, as proving is a compensation that has you live by roles and sacrifice. Have the confidence to face what your proving is trying to hide. Go through it with courage. It is usually only emotions of guilt, failure and fear, coming from self-concepts that wound and lock you into believing that you are less than what you really are. There is a better way, and your commitment to the truth about who you are brings this truth closer each time you give yourself to it fully. Letting go with trust and commitment brings in a new way of equality, mutuality and partnership.

If trouble has occurred around you, then acceptance of your emotions and what you want to resist will take you to the next step. The alternative to acceptance is to be stuck in the pain or the problem. Acceptance takes you forward. It sometimes goes deeper and feels worse as you begin, but as you continue the light begins to emerge. You can actually keep going until you experience only light. In the face of major catastrophe, you can be the leader for those who badly need guidance.

For those of you who give your selves to letting go and trust, it can paradoxically be a time of harvest, great good fortune and mastery. You have come to show what is possible sharing a spiritual perspective that brings zero limits. This is a time to become aware of where you have lived an entitled life, because that has actually cheated you of the entitlement you deserve as God’s child. Like any good Father, God wants only happiness for you. All the rest that occurred was your ego acting in defiance, and this only made you a victim. Any negativity in your life shows your authority conflict with significant people, and with God. Believe me, those are fights worth losing. God’s Will and your true will are in total alignment. Your fight, which is you siding with your ego, brings scarcity, but if you recognize this you can let it go this month.

“I want God’s Will and my own true will”

The world is made to act out the witnesses we choose, as they reflect the beliefs and wishes inside us. If we are confused or chaotic, then confusion and chaos are what comes to us. “I want God’s Will and my own true will,” can be Words of Power that heal problems. They can remove onionskin after onionskin of the illusions of the world until they fade away. Truth and the freedom it brings can be realized instead. What is not love is illusion, and thus it can be healed. Give yourself this month to help those around you as it will help you and all those you love.

For some people there can be a dramatic clearing of obstructions this month. For them the veil of travail is over and their treasure boat comes in. Keep your faith and let the Holy Spirit, the Tao, bless it. Be the inspiration you are seeking. Don’t try to change people. If you accept them as they are you both move forward.

This month give up head talk for heart talk. As you share what’s in your heart you touch others in a way that they experience the love you are, through the sincerity and integrity of the love you really feel.

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
September 2020
Kaneohe, Hawaii


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