September 2021

We are in a time of great transition. For some our way of life is lost. For others it feels like a rollercoaster that at times turns our world upside down. There are three healing principles that can especially help this month; they are peace, forgiveness and grace. Our ego is fighting for the status quo but that is not what brings safety in a world that has so much change and attack going on. Love is what brings safety. Pay attention to what’s important this month. Look at everyone and everything with love, open mindedness and appreciation. Stay as close as you can to the here and now. It’s the only place you can feel happiness. You can use the past to define you but it is your choice as to how anything affects you. Is the past your excuse or your springboard? If it is your excuse for not going forward, you are investing in weakness and blame. If you realized as your subconscious shows that everything that occurred in your life happened out of choice you would be free even though you hid those choices from yourself. A Course in Miracles states that what you experience is your choice and that the realization that all is your choice saves you and the world. If you adopt this, there is no blame and you can choose to change fearful thoughts to ones of love.

All of us have invested in our ego to the detriment of love and happiness. Our upsets are misperceptions that show hidden pockets of entitlement and expectation. These are self-defeating ego aspects. It is easy with all that is coming up for healing to lose sight, get upset and blame someone around you. It is equally mistaken to blame yourself. Both reflect the choice for guilt and sin rather than mistakes that can be corrected. In the subconscious it shows that mistakes are places where we tried to take. These were mistakes. We were trying to get something to satisfy our ego’s needs. We spend our whole lives building our ego and who we think we are only to have it taken away as we age and realize that what we built in the name of our ego really doesn’t matter. People cling to their egos like it was driftwood in a storm-tossed sea but your ego will not sustain you. If you totally let go of your ego there would be only love. All the rest is some form of ego. At the end of your life when you “cash in your chips” it won’t be what you achieved that you take with you or that will make you happy, it is the love you have given and received.

You have a destiny that begins as a human destiny which is who you have come to be in the world. This is not fame. It is peace, being centered and living your purpose. The more you have embraced your destiny, the more your faith is unshakeable no matter what is going on. Heaven’s peace goes with you and when it is in you it shines its light on everyone around you especially the lost and lonely. From your human destiny you come into your spiritual destiny which is embracing yourself as unlimited spirit. Then peace is stronger and restores hope to those who suffer, grieve or are bereft. Peace is not denial. What is denied will be a short-lived aspect of fake-peace. This denial is a form of being naïve that leads to rude awakenings. Accepting what is really happening gives you the only real chance of happy change. Acceptance moves you forward. Keep accepting and you are on your way to happy resolution.

Reflect on where you seek trivial goals. These will not sustain you and are a waste of time and life. They distract and compensate but they don’t fulfill. They lock you into your body which you actually don’t like at all as it reflects your history and seems beneath you. Your ego has convinced you that you are your body. Then it uses your body as a “whipping boy” for the conflicts of your mind. You could understand that your body is your learning vehicle in service to you but it is not you.

September is full of amazing grace for letting go of what is not true so you can clear the way for what comes for greater fulfillment. If you truly let go, something better comes to take its place. If you spend five minutes a day to realize you are so much more than your body you will be on the path to limitlessness. That is the benefit of healing. It leads to wholeness and power. It is a path that restores your innocence and your gifts. Every negative, dark problem you have comes from your past and this problem hides a gift and a new level of success, connection to others and Heaven. Resolution is a step to greater happiness. If you are not heading back toward God and His ecstatic joy you are trying to get something from the world to make you happy. It is this type of attachment that leads to all your pain. Examine where you suffered the most. This shows you your biggest idols. They are not God they are false gods and no amount of trying to make them your Source will lead to anything other than grave disappointment with emphasis on the grave. In the same way your attachments brought only disillusionment from the illusion of the fantasy that you thought would bring happiness. Look for the disappointments in your life and let them go. They will be replaced by something of greater value and truer direction. Holding on leads to depression. When you have come to a place in your life where there seems to be no way out or have much meaning, it is time to embrace a more spiritual perspective. When you have painted yourself into a corner the only way out is up.

We are beset by the effects of global warming, the pandemic and other major collective and personal issues. The unconscious or soul mind shows that our world reflects our mind. If you want to change the world change your mind. As the song goes, “Change the man in the mirror.” Pick one negative aspect in the world: pollution, corruption, greed, the misuse of power, Afghanistan, COVID-19, global warming and so on. Choose where you want to contribute. You can change the world by giving up judgment, grievances and attack thoughts. We’ve judged everything and everyone even those we love the most. You could help instead of judge. You could bless instead of blame. You could begin by forgiving the issue then forgiving anyone who comes to mind that for you is intuitively tied to this issue. Then forgive yourself. Look at the issue to see if there is any change. Forgive it again and anyone who comes to mind and then yourself. Do this until you are totally at peace and your perception of the issue has transformed.

A Course in Miracles states, “Perception is a choice not a fact.” This principle allows for some miraculous healing. It embraces total responsibility with the innocence and power that goes with it along with the relinquishment of guilt and sin. The world is our mirror. We are only forgiving ourselves and our past mistaken choices. These mistaken choices have become beliefs that lead us to see people and the world being the way they were and are.

September is a great month to release the burden of going in too many directions. Measure each one against the truth. If it doesn’t measure up to the truth and the freedom and bonding truth bring, then let it go. It doesn’t serve you only your ego and you are not your ego. You were created as a Child of God. And you deserve all good things.

In September if you are ready your mastery awaits you along with its peace. Here the power of your mind can accomplish as much as 10-15 years when you were pushing yourself in your life at the Independent Level where the biggest compensations are hard work and busyness. In mastery, you do what you are called to do. And when you are called to do something you let Heaven do it through you. This opens a new realm and new goals of Heaven on earth. It is the homestretch in terms of healing and growth. It is where you fully embrace your spiritual destiny. Your peace and holiness get stronger, setbacks and problems get fewer but deeper. Love grows. Your alignment with Heaven strengthens. God wills perfect happiness for you. You will return to where you began and be in Heaven once more.

The quick way to advance at this level is to spend time each day resting in God, letting His Love surround you, keeping the thought of Him in your mind. You have come to this earth to learn lessons, restore your gifts and holiness. You have come to strengthen your faith and know your Higher Self and Oneness. You can learn to bring miracles by changing your mind and by letting go of any grievances. Then you may look beyond the illusion of pain and darkness, the fantasy projection the ego tries to convince you is reality and see truth and peace. Bringing your love and inviting Heaven’s Love into the situation welcomes miracles. If you embrace these principles as a way of life, September could be the month it was meant to be one of wisdom and great, good fortune.

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
September 2021
Kaneohe, Hawaii

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