In the last days of August and the beginning days of September, there is a chance to catch your breath and gain perspective. It is a time for listening deep within where God abides. Here there is peace and grace and deep rest. Take the time to gain perspective. It will be busy enough in the months to come. It is time to reflect on your life and to recognize whether you are doing what you came to do. Be at peace. All is well. You are already in eternity as you were created a timeless being and that can’t be changed. Nor can your status of innocence be lost or changed. We fell into separation and suffering. We are all “doing time” but every once in a while it is important to remember we are replaying the split second that time existed in the blink of eternity. Our evolution to Oneness is a journey already completed. We have gone beyond present problems and ones to come. Be at peace. And as A Course in Miracles states, “Rest in God.”

There are two powerful trends coming in September. One is harvest, September will welcome all the harvest you have been working toward since the beginning of the year. This could be a month of love, wisdom and grace. This month could bring more abundance for those open and ready to receive it. The other trend in September is being industrious and applying yourself. Some people will be using their harvest as the foundation for a new level. At this new level you are called to learn many new things and in order to do this you will need to be prepared, focused and giving it all. So in September you may choose to engage yourself at the next level or you may choose the path of harvest, receiving and enjoyment. What is it you truly want? What is it that you choose?

In every trauma or heartbreak in our lives we got off the track. You may have weathered the storm but you didn’t realize that you got off the track in so doing. As a result you began to follow the ego’s path and the ego isn’t concerned with your happiness only with imprisoning you further for its continued existence. This is a month where in general and in particular you can ask to be put back on Heaven’s path that contains love, peace and joy. There are many ways to heal different aspects of pain, heartbreak and trauma. Asking your higher mind or Heaven accomplishes this easily. You can revisit all the painful events in your life and ask to be brought back to truth and to ease. If your life is not true and easy then you are off the track. And like any train a step or two off the track and you become a trainwreck. You can ask right now to be restored to Heaven’s path.

Truth corrects the errors that you made. If you can remember a painful event even if you don’t consciously feel the pain it is still affecting you now. It may be buried but it still programs the movie of your life. In each event and in your life in general, ask for truth to bring new awareness and healing. Ask for Heaven’s justice to come into each painful event so it can help restore confidence, balance and wholeness. As you ask for these healings simply witness what occurs in that old scene. You can also ask for Heaven’s grace in each of your past painful events. Heaven’s Love and miracles can pour down to you restoring everyone’s value and self-love making the difference you want in your life. You can ask for this grace to forgive everyone in this event. Every negative event is a form of self-attack mistakenly thought to assuage and remedy old guilt. While it may distract from the unbearable experience of guilt, it does nothing to transform it. Forgiveness does that. Sharing the gift you have brought in your backpack for freeing and helping everyone in that situation also heals. Everyone who acted badly as a victimizer was calling for your help and that is what your gift was for. As you give it forth it is forgiveness. You see others’ innocence. You see their need as they call for help and you help with the gift within you. The gift then becomes available at a whole new level for you and the world. Ask for Heaven’s grace to bring the miracle so divine justice comes into the situation.

One reason this sometimes doesn’t seem to work is that you are caught in fusion with the attacker. Anyone who is close to you or someone you are in conflict with may be caught with you in the hidden holding on of fusion. Fusion is muddled boundaries common in both families and love relationships and it is a great ego trap that prevents partnership. Healing fusion is either simple or a most intricate and sticky trap. To heal fusion you can simply give the one you are fused with back the parts that are theirs and welcome back the parts of you that are you. Next ask Heaven to bring the miracle between you both. If you are not at peace and in partnership with your partner there are aspects of fusion and authority conflict going on. Authority conflict is when you put your ego before the truth, the love for your partner or the value of your relationship. The love of your partner is what can motivate you to give up your self-concepts, your deep needs masquerading as love and your specialness. This is of immense help on our evolution. Integration finds the best of yours and your partner’s way melted into a new integrity as a more successful whole. Your relationship needs you and you need it. It is one of the major avenues to ever greater happiness that begins in this world and ends finally in Heaven.

Value yourself. Don’t be a doormat. Give up dissociation which hides lack of self-value. Ask Heaven, “What’s my value?” Do this again and again. Value your partner. Undervaluing yourself, your partner or both is one of the great problems in relationships. Problems in your relationship show you valued something else besides your partner notwithstanding protestations to the contrary. Don’t deceive yourself about the state of your relationship. Unless you know your subconscious and unconscious mind a problem shows you are off the track and there is more to learn and to heal. Money, sex, health and lack of equality are all key symptoms that can show something needs to be healed. Attack and self-attack are key components of the ego’s foundation and are another sign that something needs to be healed. And everything in your life and relationship can be healed. Know that if you run out of stuff to heal in your relationship which is unlikely you can look around you because everything around you in other’s lives or relationships show your subconscious and unconscious issues also.

September is a month of completion. There is a great deal of grace available for this. Remember you were created completed. You were created happy and whole and part of God Himself. God as Oneness did not create you apart from Him. All of your healing is meant for you to realize that you are and have always been a part of God. Words of Power that can be used to take off onionskin after onionskin of illusion is, “I am complete.” Then you realize you don’t need anyone which leads to taking or getting to complete you. Completion leads to the desire to give. Saying, “I am complete,” over and over again with strong intention can free you and your partner from prison. You can be free this month if you give yourself fully to all that is true to give yourself to. If you give yourself to someone or something not true it either falls away or becomes true.

In September and the months to come the unconscious opens for some at the deepest levels of hell. If this occurs use it as an opportunity. Ask yourself how many selves you have in this hell. Then ask Quan Yin or Mother Mary to rescue these selves. Also ask that anyone who is with you in suffering in hell be freed and purified along with you and loved until these selves reach your present age and can melt into you in healing.

Become aware of your blind spots. Be aware where you judge and attack especially in hidden or passive aggressive ways at times. If you don’t pay attention to what needs correcting you will be righteous and compound the guilt and self-hatred you are compensating for. Be true to yourself and you can’t be false to anyone to paraphrase Shakespeare.

September can be like an island of jewels. Every time you turn around there can be a diamond, a ruby or an emerald. Be open. Be curious. Find the treasure that is you and you will find the jewels that are all around you. Still you will need to let go of your attachments to become aware of this island of jewels. Otherwise you will be angry, hurt and depressed when your month could have been so different.

While September is meant to be a month of dedication to work, make sure your it is as Kalil Gabran wrote, “Work is love made visible.” Your love for those around you and your purpose which is your love and gift to the world, can help you and everyone this month.

Set your mind each night for the next day as well as each morning for that day by turning it over to the Holy Spirit. Turn your body and your ego over to Christ. You can also do this any time you feel brain fog or pain of any kind. The choices for life and love that you choose this month will affect many people around you but it will also spread out far beyond to bring peace to those sorely in need of it.

September has the possibility of being a banner month for you. Be willing. Join your will to God’s Who wants only happiness for you. Open yourself. Call for the truth. Be love. Be happy.

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
September 2022
Kaneohe, Hawaii

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