September 2023

The transition continues. Stay the course. There is more to go. For most, this transition will complete sometime in October. Because of the amount of peace, light, and miracles available in September, the ego attempts to counter what’s possible with dreams, illusions and darkness, to shut away the light. But know there is no place the light is not, and you need not grope in darkness.

If you worship what is not there, or even believe it, it can confound you. Yet, you can invoke the truth to cut through the darkness to the light. Do not be caught in confusion born of envy, and do not be caught in the ego’s need for conflict and stress. If something paralyzes you in fear you will feel helpless, but help is all around on many levels if you have the eyes to see it and ask for it.

This month is one where you are meant to go deep into yourself for peace, and high in consciousness for miracles. Both come as a result of the light that infuses not only you, but everyone and everything. The world is always mirroring back to you what you are putting into it. The world is a playground set up according to your personal wishes, and in spite of the ego’s victim talk that tells you that you are a victim. Your subconscious and soul mind have a very different story than the one where the ego has made you a helpless victim.

If you come to the here and now, the past disappears. All pain comes from the past, so if you are in the NOW you can not suffer in any way. You cannot be afraid, as that comes from trying to live in the future. Only in the present can you regain your trust. It is NOW that you can realize that you are choosing trust or fear in every moment. This comes down to the choice between truth or illusion, Heaven or Hell. Come to NOW. Choose trust, or you won’t have the confidence to go forward.

You don’t realize that all of the burnouts you have suffered are based on mistakes you made; as a result you lost heart. Burnout comes from the attachment to the outcome you want—or even to how you want it to unfold. Trust unfolds even the darkest situation to a positive outcome, sometimes in paradoxical ways.

The difference between a goal and an attachment is that a goal attracts, whereas an attachment is needy, demanding, privileged, has expectations, is a compensation for old losses—and it won’t work. Goals do work, and if you miss the goal, you simply reset it without all the stress, self-attack and attack on others. Now you can take all the times you burned out to Heaven’s Trading Post and turn them in. Heaven will exchange them for what can help you now. This brings you to your reward, which is simultaneously a new beginning.

The fog and uncertainty of the ego in September can be replaced with clarity by inviting the truth into every circumstance. We are here in the world to learn and unlearn, to heal and advance. Problems are a lesson Heaven would have us learn. Life is a big video game in this regard. We come back time and time again until we can break out of the game.

Our lessons extend from the mundane to the most sublime. A Course in Miracles states that there are thousands of problems and one solution: forgiveness. Each act of forgiveness, which A Course in Miracles states is a form of practical love, unifies within in our own mind, unifies us with others, and unifies us with God. As we forgive, join and unify with others, we advance and increase our self-worth. We are evolving from ego needs to what is beautiful and spiritual.

The collective unconscious will continue to erupt in September, and the foreseeable future will show itself with issues of weather and major social conflict. It is ancient pain coupled with present pain that triggers what is repressed in the unconscious in an effort to finally have it healed. This eruption for healing will continue through this generation. Your personal healing helps this, of course.

What especially helps this month is staying focused, applying yourself, and love. Our focus is our awareness, what we pay attention to. It is even possible to be aware of how our perception is a wave that goes back and forth, from subject to object and back again. As the wave recedes or collapses back it can bring awareness, the home of spiritual experiences. Application is giving yourself so thoroughly that you join with what you are doing, and with what is being done. Giving your all—putting it all on the line—generates flow and opens doors. It welcomes harvest, and even Great Good Fortune. Love, with its many forms of sharing, giving, receiving, reaching out, helping, and extending, is called for this month. Love brings joy, but it also brings miracles. You can do this if you can give up paying attention to yourself, and not have everything revolve around you.

Only resistance within you can stop your unfoldment. Resistance is your fear of what you haven’t gotten over in the past. In your resistance, you resist yourself, others and Heaven.

Come to the present. Choose trust. There is no problem trust would not heal (A Course in Miracles). Every problem you have is a lesson. Every lesson you have is a place where God is offering you a miracle (A Course in Miracles). Only your grievances can block the miracles offered (A Course in Miracles). It helps if you are not blaming anyone for your problem. Love and judgment do not go together. Let go of any judgment and welcome the miracles. Peace and judgment also thwart each other, as judgment is the root of conflict.

You can have peace simply by asking to be taken to a deeper and higher level of peace. Each time you do it gradually removes illusions and ego dreams, bringing light. In the same way, you can ask to be taken step by step to a higher level of consciousness, and then look out at the world through a higher perspective. The higher you go, the more light there is. The greater the level of consciousness you are experiencing, the more light you see, and the more love and miracles there are in September.

September can be an ending that is also a beginning. As you seek Heaven, Heaven reaches toward you.

Don’t get lost this month. Get found! Invest in yourself.

Bless and be blessed. Be happy.

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
September 2023
Kahuku, Hawaii

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