November is an unusual month. Strange, even outlandish, events can occur. There can be lots of adventure, mostly of the inner sort. The adventure could be in regard to romance, or to understanding some aspects of success that takes you to a point where you can change, and grow to a whole new level in your life.

What doesn’t occur this month because of resistance, inertia or problems, comes about through your lack of willingness. This demonstrates that you have a split mind and your fear is too strong, especially the fear that you will lose some attachment.

November seems to bring more challenges and more darkness leading into the deeper darkness of December. This is not a bad thing, just something we are called to heal. If you are not intent on your growth and healing then what happens to you could be a time of darkness. Yet it also could be said of the next two months that the night is always darkest just before the dawn. A birth is coming. Change is in the air. This is the night before the change. There will be a few people in these next months who actually have the very opposite experience, and their months are filled with light and opportunity on so many levels. You will be blessed and sustained by what you have learned, accomplished and healed last year, if you were dedicated to your growth. This past year’s learning and healing will prepare you to keep in perspective whatever arises, and needs to be addressed, in order to help you continue and expand any healing habits you have developed.

The world we experience shows the ideas in our mind, as they are portrayed in the world. All people, situations and objects are part of the beliefs we have inside us. These beliefs give rise to fear, and fear gives rise to attack, making a vicious circle of fear and attack. The beliefs, especially the core beliefs that give rise to fear, are defenses against the love that is buried under, and compensated for, by these beliefs. This is the Love that is our identity that came from our creation.

Our beliefs are the filter through which we perceive the world. The connection of our beliefs and what we see in the world will become more evident this year for us, and this knowledge will help us transform our lives. If we recognize these core beliefs, we can turn them over to Heaven to be undone, recognizing that they are the source of our fear and therefore the source of our problems. Heaven wants to help us out of the prison of our beliefs, so that we can be free and happy.

Yet most people choose ego goals such as separation, specialness and having things their way, that only lock them deeper in their ego-made prison.

All problems are forms of complaining and pouting, and big problems reflect tantrums. Where we have pouting and problems of whatever size, it shows where we are being stingy. We have gifts inside us that would help others as well as ourselves, so that we don’t use problems as an excuse to separate for ego goals and ego agendas.

We are being asked to open and share the gifts we brought in, in order to transform the situation. We can also receive the gifts that Heaven has for us, to transform negative situations. These heavenly gifts are an incentive from Heaven to walk Heaven’s path, rather than the self-aggrandizing, self-belittling and self-defeating path of the ego.

November may bring more sexual energy than usual, but it is you that will decide what you will use it for: creativity, love, intimacy or your relationship. You can use it for service, health, creativity or outrageous fun. Sexual energy could distract from sexual love, or it can lead to real joining in sex. Some of you will have an opportunity to bring people together, ending conflicts that have affected not only them, but many people around them. This finds common ground between divisions in our mind, and in the world.

For those who value mystic love, there will be elevators of light and Divine Love ascending in joy if you give yourself to it. You are being called to experience glimpses of Heaven. Take the invitation and save yourself time.

Nightlight Newsletter, Oahu, Hawai’i

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