October is a birth month. Are you ready? Things may have already started for a number of you. If you know it is a birth, you won’t buy into the ego telling you it is all over. The most important thing is to not blame anyone, including yourself. Your soul set this situation up. Take personal responsibility for it. If you don’t you will build up attack, and that will build up fear, and that will certainly not help your perception of this as being about birth, and not about death. Heaven believes you can go to the next level, a part of your ego will die on the way. What you have been holding on to, is something you thought was important to you, and crucial to your happiness or your survival. It’s not. Let it go. The old way is over. Look to the new stage. Your higher mind believes in you. You will be guided. It is crucial not to try to do it yourself. If there’s attack, it brings fear, as one brings the other in a vicious circle. You will have Heaven’s light and guidance surrounding you. Go with the flow. Fear causes resistance and a harder birth. Guidance tells you that attack and fear are calls for help, and attack as such is not real, but a call for love. Fear comes from a core belief that makes a core need, and hides the love underneath it. This is what the ego does. You could let go of this self-concept, which the ego put in place of love. This would let go of the core need and the fear. Or you could welcome love and truth to melt away the belief that separates, as well as the need it makes in separation.

We have only one need. It is the need for God. It is the need for Love. Only the fear that we will lose something, and not get what we think we need to replete us, can stop us. But Love and the Great Light surround us. All we need is within us.
    Recognize that the next stage is much better than this one. You can claim, welcome and receive it. Fear rejects and tries to take. It misinterprets what is needed, and thus makes resistance, as well as the pain that comes from it. Everyone around you is acting out old and ancient pieces of your mind. Your life is a movie of your past and ancient selves. You can redeem everyone on the set. The script will either be directed by your ego, or your higher mind. When the ego directs, it ends in death. Something will die in your life, or part of your ego will die along with something you valued that was valueless and will be let go of. One stage of the rocket will fall away, as you boost higher. Those fearful around you give you a view of some old great loss. You could supply that need, which is God and Love. Heaven has already given what you need. What others around you need is also given to you, so you can share. Love surrounds you. Let it hold you. Love is inside you. Let it breathe through you. You can accept a whole new level in your life. The ego’s alternative is too painful to imagine, and only your ego wants it to be that way. It does this to build itself through separation. If you are separating, or using something as your excuse to separate, you are going in the wrong direction. God’s Will for you is Oneness, and total peace it brings. This is your own true will as well.

What you haven’t been able to forgive in another, hides what you haven’t been able to forgive in yourself. Condemn neither others, for they have shown you something invaluable: what you haven’t forgiven yourself, for that is hidden inside. What was that? Condemn not yourself for this mistake. Your condemnation was an ego strategy to try to make up for an old primordial loss, but condemnation will never work. You can relinquish the case against another, and the hidden lethal one against yourself. These were just mistakes, and mistakes can be corrected. Heaven sees you as innocent. It is just the arrogance of the ego, and its dark glamor and specialness, that wants the guilt to condemn yourself and others, to keep you separate.
    Are you moving toward people, or away from them? Heaven wants joining and love. The ego wants an excuse and righteousness to pull away. But your righteous indignation, and adamant behavior, is just to hide the destructive illusion of your own guilt, and feelings of failure. This tempts you to project and blame someone else.
    Answer the calls for love this month and you will both be lifted up to a new stage. There is meant to be a leap into greater love and happiness, with less dependence on the material world for happiness and recognition. You are called to be a spiritual prince or princess. To embrace this is a step into the power and the ecstasy that is inside you, rather than the illusion of happiness you are trying to get outside you. That will only end in disillusionment and heartbreak. This need not be because you could have peace inside you.

 You are called to lead the way. You can only suffer from an attempt to get something. You will blame anyone who seems to obstruct you. The ego is self-defeating and you will pay the bill. But as A Course in Miracles states, “Nobody deprives you but yourself”.  The ego has split minds, and it wants to get your need met, but it wants separation and independence even more. What is painful are old and ancient patterns that have come up for healing. We give two scripts to people. The first is the one that gets us upset when they don’t follow it. But there is the subconscious one where they are exactly following the script.
    Be the spiritual princess or prince that you have come to be. Lead the way in healing these ancient conflicts that are crucifying you. A new happier stage awaits you.

Nightlight Newsletter
October 2019
Kahalu’u, Hawai’i

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