September is meant to be a month of completion where many projects come together. It can also be an ending to a lot of things. This portends change and the call for new beginnings. If you try to hold on there is depression, but if you let go and trust there is a new and a better chapter ahead.
   September can have moments of pure peace. Let them be the peace that brings joy. It can also be a month of contrasts, such as peace and conflict, death and birth, endings and beginnings, love and hate. There will be a scramble at high levels to cover up areas of greed, ruin and corruption that could be revealed, but that is only a quarter of what is actually going on that we don’t know about. It’s a collective world issue because most people don’t mind high levels of indulgence and corruption if they can keep their own status quo. In September we will begin to understand the bankruptcy that conflicts lead to, and make a renewed effort for change and for peace. We think conflicts are inevitable and that we have to fight, but fights come from fear, and increase our fear. If we have love and courage there is a better way. The next step is always a step forward, but if we are afraid that we can’t handle it then we use a conflict to delay us.

 September is a big month for revelations on all levels. It runs from discovery of a better way to what’s detrimental. It includes areas that move humanity forward all the way up to spiritual revelation, which is of the eternal. Revelatory energy allows some of the areas of corruption and greed, that are part of our mind individually and collectively, to become visible. We can heal this starting with ourselves.
    There is a revelation about the Great Wars of the unconscious mind. The Great War of freedom and repression is one of the major Great Wars that shows itself this month. The depth of the split mind shows up in the Vision Stage of the Interdependent Level as we face the Great Wars. This is the ancient polarity in our mind that keeps the ego going. These contain such opposite aspects as life and death, good and evil, light and dark, spiritual and material, love and fear and many more. These splits make us feel fearful, and that we may be attacked. In any of these ancient heartbreaks and splits of the Great Wars, there is control that leads to power struggle and hides where we crucify ourselves. Actually, between all conflicts we crucify ourselves. If we don’t heal the conflict of our heartbreaks we set up victim and revenge patterns of self-defeat, as well as wanting two opposite things at the same time. To move past the Great Wars allows us to win back areas of our purpose, mastery and destiny. The Great Wars are used by the ego to distract and stall us. As a result, our mind becomes that much more peaceful and open to answers. This especially helps us to bring in world changing gifts. These lead to feelings of accomplishment and a job well done. This helps us enjoy and savor what we complete or begin this month. As completions occur and chapters end, the next level of conflicts may emerge right away. Some of these may be what our ego uses to subvert the next level of our life. But if we listen to guidance, these conflicts can all be short-lived.

Areas of reluctance that are holding us back, and coming from old feelings of inadequacy, can now be opened as doorways of opportunity in relationships and business. Finally, the way to succeed will show itself, and what is needed can be accomplished with ease and grace rather than with strain. In this way, things long worked on can finally come to fruition.
    Heartbreaks show our conflicts and our split mind. In our heartbreaks we wanted to both give up and hold on. We hide in the subconscious the part that we wanted things to end, so we feel blindsided and victimized when heartbreaks occur. These are hidden parts that want independence and autonomy above all else. Heartbreaks hide revenge against the one that “gave us” the heartbreak, as well as revenge against significant people from the past that we blame. Actually, we are the only one who can break our own heart. Heartbreaks are a power struggle that contain an aspect of control used in an attempt to get our needs met. They are a form of emotional blackmail as are all negative emotions. Heartbreaks show us our attachments and possessiveness, which always lead to pain. Heartbreaks hide our competition. 

    In September, areas of personal, national and international patterns of self-destructiveness will be revealed. We can choose again. We can correct our course. Control both hides our split mind, and it breeds conflict. It contains the impatience that comes from wanting our way while taking a superior position. Integration on the other hand, leads to the confidence and contact that is missing in control and conflict.
   Deny all fear and let Heaven protect you so you can bring light into the darkness, and love into fear. Your reluctance for moving forward can end this month, and you can win back great portions of your soul mind. Commit 100% to enjoying everyone and everything around you this month. This alone can change your life with the appreciation it brings.
    May love and delight fill you this month. They are flowing like a river in the Tao.

Nightlight Newsletter
September 2019
Kahaluu, Hawaii

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