ABUNDANCE is the card for today. In the face of the collective issue around scarcity and the strain around money comes a day of ABUNDANCE. Embrace this flow!! If enough people do this today and everyday we can reverse the flow of the wave going down. Even for people to learn that their own mind effectively employed is stronger than the collective mind following a mistake is a principle of empowerment.. We are at an important crossroads and if we make the right choice it can send everyone into an amazing level of ABUNDANCE. This will come from moving beyond ‘me consciousness’ to ‘we consciousness’, beyond greed to commonweal, beyond short term money making schemes to living wholistically and enjoying the fruits that it produces for all. It seems a paradox to those stuck in dissociated independence that sharing increases both ABUNDANCE and the enjoyment of the riches and richness of life in all areas. Have an a day of great ABODANZA !
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