The healing card for today is ACCOUNTABILITY . This is the realization that everything that happened in our lives was our choice coming from hidden or not so hidden scripts. It is hiding things from ourselves that gives rise to the subconscious mind .Unfortunately whatever we hide we bury with guilt even when we are victimized .So when we first start looking inside our minds , the ego nails us with guilt. “It wasn’t their fault it was OUR fault”.
Guilt is the opposite of ACCOUNTABILITY which is all about being responsible for our lives and making better choices. ACCOUNTABILITY empowers us where guilt makes us weak. It was my study of the subconscious and unconscious mind that led me to fully understand ACCOUNTABILITY and see that while we all felt guilt it wasn’t true,just another ego ploy to keep us stuck and punishing our selves. If it was our responsibilty about what happens to us than we can change our mind and change our perception  thus healing ourselves.
Here is one principle of ACCOUNTABILITY. Every negative thing that happened to us provided an excuse for us .At the deepest level it was to run from our purpose and hide from our destiny out of fear of shining so much or being so powerful. ACCOUNTABILITY on the other hand exchanges guilt for awareness and power.
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