ALL STRAIN COMES FROM YOUR ATTEMPT NOT TO BE GRATEFUL TO YOUR BROTHER FOR HIS LOVING THOUGHTS & HIS APPEAL FOR HELP WHICH CAN BRING LOVE INTO YOUR AWARENESS (ACIM) is the card of the day.  Strain comes from you being unaware of the help that is available. Your attitude toward your brother helps you have the true and helpful attitude toward him and yourself and opens you to friendly and even Divine help. It is responsiveness to both of you and it helps you learn from your mistakes rather than punish yourself for them. Today is a day of gratitude toward those around you who have given to your life by showing the love within or what needs to be healed as they acted out hidden, compensated parts of you. Gratitude generates flow and leads to love. Do you wants strain or flow? One leads to egoic sacrifice and the other to freedom. Have a beautiful, easy day!!

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