ALL THINGS I SEE REFLECT A PROCESS IN MY MIND, WHICH STARTS FROM AN IDEA OF WHAT I WANT. (ACIM) is the card of the day. What I see in dreams reflects a process in my mind of what I want and our life is a waking dream. What we see in the world is what we want to see but have judged, rejected and projected what is inside us. This makes our goals that much harder to achieve because we have judged them but want them to complete us.  To realize our wishes and thus our accountability is to give us back our power. We are making choices every second and we could invite the Holy Spirit to make these choices for us so we don’t hurt ourselves through judgment and fearful choices. Today is a day to uncover the hidden choices we are making and make giving and forgiving choices to be free. And thus not be afraid of our judgment that has made fearful dreams. If we relinquish judgment we will not fear judgment and attack on ourselves. Have a beautiful day of happy dreams!!

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