ANSWERING THE CALLS FOR HELP, EVERYONE LOVES ME, BONDING and THE MIND THAT ACCEPTS ATTACK CANNOT LOVE BECAUSE IT BELIEVES IT CAN DESTROY LOVE are the cards for the year. We have come to this world for healing and thus to joyously uplift ourselves and the world. ANSWERING THE CALLS FOR HELP is the realization that people who are acting badly are calling for our help. This separates attack from fear and helps us to bring the love that heals the fear. We only ever encounter ourselves, our past and our buried self concepts. If we realize that people only love us or are calling for our help than life is simple and it is easy to be kind. BONDING is the result of healing and it brings success and intimacy with ease. It makes everything easier with partnership. Let yourself be loved. It will melt away your self concepts which are used to block Heaven’s Love and the recognition that you are love having been created by Love Itself. Do not accept any form of attack whether it be toward yourself or others. Recognize the call for love and be that love. Have a great year!!
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