BEAUTY is the card for today . It signals more than beauty outside us in nature, a person or an event. BEAUTY comes from within us or we could not perceive it outside us.Our unconscious is rolling up through the family-relationship-life patterns of the subconscious and sometimes this mind is full of wonder, BEAUTY or love. We have beautiful or loving events as a result.

The unfolding Tao contains BEAUTY .The flow for the world is one of BEAUTY and it makes us amenable to grace .BEAUTY can be a place of initiation not only inspiring us but empowering us,helping us regain what was lost. BEAUTY in life grows as we head toward life and Oneness away from the ego-generated illusions of the world. 

Enjoy the BEAUTY today. May you be stunned open by it ,transfixed in the vision of it and rendered open by the love that shines through it.

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