BEYOND PERSECUTION is the card of the day. All persecution is at some level self-persecution. All attack is self-attack. All attack on  others is attack on yourself. The world teaches that what you gain another loses and what you lose he gains. This is opposed to truth psychologically and spiritually. The road to Heaven is the road to Oneness. We are piecing ourselves ( our selves) back together through love, bonding and forgiveness. This is the way to go beyond the world and BEYOND PERSECUTION. What you give is given yourself and what you take from another is lost to you. Today is a day in which a new truth beyond what the world and what persecution teaches. Let go of the dark lessons you have learned. They have only led you down a dark and ever more solitary path toward loneliness and pain. Love and light await you in the other direction and you can ask to be returned to Heaven’s path. What you are afraid to lose you have already lost. Do not pass that way again while Heaven reaches out to you like a woman in love and so much more. Have a light-filled day!!

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