CAN YOU BE SAVED BY MAKING SINFUL THE ONE WHOSE HOLINESS IS YOUR SALVATION (ACIM) is the card of the day. Those you have grievances with are those you came to save. You made them victimizers when they were overwhelmed with pain that distorted their reaction to you. The pain you felt was the pain they had inside. You had the gift that if opened and shared would save them from that pain and empowered you with a gift that is part of your purpose to contribute to the world. God created your “victimizer” like you as part of Him full of light and Love and part of Oneness . You made him act out your unforgiven past that could now be forgiven by you. All the rest of the self-concepts and experiences we piled on top of this original created identity in an effort to reak away to do things our way. Today we could realize that at an unconscious level everyone is showing us how we used to be. And spiritually everyone is an aspect of us in Oneness. Have a peaceful day!!


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