COMMUNICATION is the card for today. COMMUNICATION is the bridge that joins what is separate so that a new integration comes about and trust is built. It heals differences and brings truth to the situation. Some COMMUNICATION is simply to pass information but the best is to share one’s position without the need to change anyone. Trying to change someone is a form of control and emotional manipulation. Sharing what you are experiencing with the goal of everyone winning is best. Than there is mutuality and no bad guys. If you share openly enlisting the others help rather than blaming them for your experience allows them to support you. You can than get in touch with the past that led you to be feeling what you are feeling. As you share these experiences it transforms how you feel now. As a result you have built a bridge to another through what was a split in your own mind from a past situation. If nothing comes from the past simply share your feelings with no expectation of changing anyone but yourself. Have a happy day of bridging with all of its rewards1
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