DISSOLVING DEALS WITH THE DEVIL is the card for today. the devil is a metaphor for the ancient ego. It is even before we had bodies when we were still turning away from the light. In times of trouble and great distress we seek an outside power that isn’t God. We seek power, escape from loneliness and safety. The devil promises us everything and anything but never keeps its side of the bargain and it doesn’t help that we hide this whole event from ourselves. This leads to chronic problems without any awareness of what is really holding us back. We also have ego contracts besides of our deals with the devil and we made these for the same reason. We took on both ego personalities and “devil” personalities because of our contracts but we are the only one who is keeping to the contracts.
Because the ego and ancient ego never kept their side of the bargain the contracts can be dismissed as null and void. The ego and devil personalities can be dissolved as the illusions they are. While this can be done on your own it is always better and easier to invite in one of your Friends in High Places like Michael the Archangel, Jesus, Mary, Quan Yin or Buddha to do the heavy lifting. They dissolve these deals and personalities at a touch. And since most of the time during these deals we also picked up devils who hitched rides in us while throwing us under the bus we can ask our Friends to escort them back to the light. This was the secret reason they chose to ride us because we seemed a likely candidate through which they could be saved. So, today can be a powerful day of grace and miracles if you are willing to forgive yourself and release your contracts. Yet there are none so stubborn and frightened as those who obstinately hold on to these deals. Have a remarkable, miraculous day!!

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