DISSOLVING DEALS WITH THE DEVIL is the card for today. The devil is a metaphor for the ancient ego. It is that part of separation that occurred even before we took on bodies when we were still turning away from the light. In times of trouble and great distress we seek an outside power that isn’t God. We seek power, escape from loneliness and safety. The devil promises us everything and anything but never keeps its side of the deal and it doesn’t help that we hide this whole event from ourselves. This leads to chronic problems without any awareness of what is really holding us back. We also have ego contracts besides our deals with the devil and we made these for the same reason. We took on both ego personalities and “devil” personalities because of our constant need for defense that comes from feeling endangered. Today we can DISSOLVE AND DEALS WITH THE DEVILS and send them back to the light  with the help of the light that comes from Divine Love. We can melt away the ‘devil personalities’ that we took on and let ourselves be governed by the true Source of all that is. Have an amazing day as you release these chains!!

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