FORGIVENESS is the card for today. What we are seeing,our perception, is not true . Perception is a mirror not a fact that shows our internal frame of reference, showing us our dominant wishes ,emotions and ideas. When things are unhappy they show us our perceptual errors that come from distorted self-concepts. Our perception is a choice .We use it to justify our actions but when they are used to justify our own mistakes,our anger, our desire to attack,our lack of love and will to separate, we will see a world of darkness and pain.As A COURSE IN MIRACLES states “We must learn to forgive because what we are seeing is not true…We are seeing what is not there”. All FORGIVENESS is self-FORGIVENESS and what we hold against anyone we hold against ourselves and all others including those closest to us. FORGIVENESS corrects our perception thus freeing us of problems and hidden guilt.
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