FORGIVING THE UNFORGIVABLE SIN is the card for today. The unforgivable sin is a defense where we feel we have committed the unforgivable sin. We blame others to hide our guilt but the guilt within still demands self-punishment. Once we recognize what we are doing it is so much easier to forgive another so we can finally forgive ourselves. Once we have done this with this main grievance we can do this with our partner, ex-partners, parents, etc. Today is a day to be free as each grievance is at the root of a problem and these reflect major grievances= problems. Sin is a belief we will never get over the guilt but that is not Heaven’s Will for us nor is it our true will. It was just a mistake that can be corrected and not the monument to guilt that our ego erected which it uses to build itself. Today feel the grace that surrounds you and accomplish forgiveness for everyone’s sake. Have a miraculous day!!

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