GOAL SETTING is the card for today. GOAL SETTING brings about a much greater productivity and success then in those who don’t set goals. SETTING GOALS focuses one’s mind showing the direction to go in .It is the natural antidote to expectations and perfectionism ,which stress and stop us with their counter productivity. GOAL SETTING moves us forward much more quickly than just going forward .

Goals invite while expectations demand. Goals release us from old attachments that have been holding us back subconsciously. If you GOAL SET every night before bed and every morning when you wake up your days become rich and productive. If your goals don’t happen or something negativity happens it came from a hidden goal in your mind. Let that go and simply reset your goals in that situation and for your day.

Your goals are simply what you want . If you write them down and glance at them daily, it helps accelerate the process of accomplishment. GOAL SETTING helps your dreams come true.

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