HAPPINESS is the card for today. It speaks of love and self-love translating into HAPPINESS. The HAPPINESS that lasts comes from within, knowing that God is in our heart and we need nothing outside us. And so can give and receive and be delighted at the wonder that comes with loving eyes and a loving heart. If we are not happy there is someone we are called to forgive. If we are not giving-forth to correct the errors of our mind there is a part that we are withholding from happiness.
Give up your grievances; they show a place where you have refused to share your gifts and save the day. We suffer pain and guilt and negativity as a result when we could be happy. What we perceive in the world is what we think would make us happy. What we see that is lacking is what we haven’t given ourselves to. If it is is negative it is our excuse to judge hide our guilt, separate and feel superior to cover a shabby self-perception. Today is a day where we could enjoy the fruits of love. Don’t worry. Be HAPPY!!

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