HEALING AFFAIRS is the card of the day. This can be a chronic area of guilt. If you are very independent and dissociated it won’t mean much to you at the time. You will be led on by the ego to do it but subconsciously you have lost an opportunity with your partner to have them gain the the very thing you were tempted with in the affair. The ego later blasts you with guilt and self-punishment that becomes separation between you and your partner. Affairs that you have in fantasy have the same separating effect. Spiritually, A COURSE IN MIRACLES states that to see another as their body goes against the purpose of the Holy Spirit to bring joining and this brings illusions and puts the body at risk. I am sure if you have had affairs your partner would rather have you than your guilt and distance. Put your affairs, your guilt and separation on the altar of truth with miracle-minded forgiveness. It contains the path of healing toward Oneness and joy. Have a brilliant day of innocence and intimacy!!

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