HEALING AFFAIRS is the card of the day. Affairs are temptations and temptations lead us away from life toward guilt and death. Our past affairs are where we sought relief to get our needs met outside ourselves. They may be indulgences, part of a power struggle with our present partner, relief from the place we have imprisoned ourselves or a way to declare our independence. Whatever they are we have now split our mind and this leads to both guilt and fear. It triggers our childhood Oedipal Conspiracy, one of the ego’s greatest traps and it declares that we know what’s best for us when we really don’t have a clue about what would make us happy. Today is a day to forgive ourselves for past mistakes and present temptations. Today is a day to realize we don’t know what anything is for and to ask Heaven for the meaning of what is occurring. Today is a day to realize that a temptation is the ego’s attempt to pull us of the track. We could commit to the truth, invite the freedom and partnership that comes with truth and want the next step where there is flow once more. A temptation is a test. Will you seek happiness outside yourself or will you pass this test for the next stage of learning, healing and growth. When we have given up all temptations the next stop is to experience the Heaven within rather than the hell of the ego. Every temptation is meant to appeal to a certain self-concept that locks us in the idols of the world rather than real joy. Choose wisely as a temptation is meant to delay and obfuscate your purpose where your real fulfillment awaits you. An old healing method is to repeat the name of God in any situation of temptation and to want to take your place among the saviors of the world rather than lose this opportunity to step forward. You are at a crossroads. Choose wisely as it will determine your future. What is it you really want? Something for the body or the intimacy that comes of love. Don’t throw away what you worked so hard for. Have a  day where truth sets you free and blesses your life!!

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