The astral is the dark unconscious that is ancient fragments of the ego,also known as demons,devils,dark gods,etc. This is the dark supernatural that is intent on delaying and obstructing us as much as possible to hold back the relatedness and evolution so that they keep their base of control for as long as they can. At some level (the unconscious) it is all our mind and we are integrating these fragments which seem to have a mind of their own. Their attacks can come in the form of setbacks,attacks from others or even pure malice coming at us energetically. We can always call in God, the Tao, The Holy Spirit, Jesus,our angel,Quan Yin or the many other older brothers and sisters who have realized Oneness. Another way is to realize that we are spirit and as such are safe ,healed and whole.

Besides holding us back, the dark forces have the hidden hope for redemption and that whomever they attack will have the wherewithal or connection with Friends in High Places to send them back to the light.
This is a big opportunity to help yourself and the whole earth today. There is a karmic connection established when a victimizer attacks a victim;this ends when the victim finally redeems the victimizer. We have the opportunity to bring the light today and dispel the darkness.

Invoke the Light today. Call in your Friends in High Places and send these ego fragments back to the Light from which we all came and to which we shall all return.Help yourself and help the whole earth today by your awareness and willingness.

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