HEALING ANCESTRAL PATTERNS is the card for today. All the heartbreaks, revenge, guilt, attack and self-attack that hasn’t been cleared by our ancestors is left for us as present problems. This includes predilections for certain illnesses and victim situations. Today we can not only become aware of these patterns we can take a step in healing them. While there are a number of healing methods here is a simple one. Notice what pattern is being passed down through your mother or father’s side of the family. Ask what gift you brought into heal this for your family and ancestors. Ask Heaven to supersize that gift. Then pass it up through that side of the family with Heaven’s help until it goes all the way up to the man, woman or couple where it began. See the effect and the grace on the people where it began. Then see and feel the effects in their life  and as it is passed down to each generation until it comes to you and your children. It is not Heaven’s Will that we be stopped in any way so Heaven always provides a way to heal and resolve whatever is stopping us. Have a great day!!

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