HEALING ASTRAL ATTACK is the card of the day. Astral attack comes from the time before we had bodies. It is fundamentally the ancient ego which wants to keep the status quo and us in a world of separation.

This has been described as demons, devils and dark gods but it is the ancient part of us that wouldn’t face the light and refused the gifts that Heaven offered to redeem us. It is ancient and toxic self-attack that the

ego is using against us. Yet the offer of Heaven’s gifts is still there and we can turn back toward the light and its blessing and freedom. As we win back our mind from the ego there is more ease and peace in our lives.

Today is a day of grace in that regard and today can be the instant of release so that all the dark effects of your life is gone.It is at this moment that complete healing is offered you and it is at this moment you can accept.

Have a beautiful day!!

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