HEALING BAD JU-JU is the card for today. Ju-ju refers to magic or anything beyond the natural order. This includes dark magic ,curses,psychic attack and possessions of any sort. Usually this is relegated to the unconscious mind and can come in through any form of toxic attack or abuse. Today connect with the Divine Presence and with any of your Friends in High Places whom you are or ask to be connected with . 

Michael the Archangel is particularly good with this type of spring cleaning. This can end oppression you did not even know you were under . Many times those carrying strong light or a great purpose are attacked ,even by parents caught for a time in the dark supernatural in an attempt to wound or keep you small. When we are trapped by this energy,it is often a form of collusion on our part afraid of our purpose and destiny. This type of healing removes unconscious fears. Have a great cleaning day !

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