HEALING BANKRUPTCY is the card of the day. Bankruptcy has many causes but they begin inside us inspite of what is going on around us. On the inside bankruptcy comes from fear that can  like guilt be its own vicious circle and spiral downwards. We stop moving forward with fear. We punish ourselves with guilt. Inside there is a grievance we haven’t let go of. We get revenge through our failure. We use bankruptcy as a form of untrue loyalty where we were the ones who brought the gifts to change the family culture. Heaven’s Bank is open 24/7 and God gives all to all so we must have sided with the ego instead. God’s Will for us is total happiness. Today let us come to peace and listen to the guidance in whatever our situation is. Whatever the problem that is how big the soul gift is inside that the ego is trying to hide because part of the ego would melt in the face of our gifts. Today open yourself to all the grace and abundance Heaven has for you. Have a rich day!!

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