HEALING BETRAYAL is the card of the day. It especially has to do with sexual betrayal but all betrayal is up for healing today. When we betray, we betray ourselves and our integrity which lessens our ability to receive. When we are betrayed we are trying to make up for a belief that we betrayed. In business or career it’s usually a belief we betrayed our father and in relationships it’s usually the belief we betrayed our mother. Deep within there is a belief we betrayed God. Today let all of these perceptions be turned over to Heaven to be corrected and transformed so they lead us closer to Heaven and out of the morass of guilt hidden or apparent. Have a blessed day of freedom and ease!!
HEALING BETRAYAL is the card for today. Betrayal is one of the worst emotions to deal with. You are either blindsided because someone you thought you could depend on turned out to be disloyal. It is heartbreaking and dream-shattering. It is the kind of thing that sometimes takes a lifetime to get over. Until we do get over it we either withdraw or live a life of revenge which only covers over or exacerbates the pain. Today we can realize that is spite of our naivety there was self-betrayal involved and revenge on our part was part of getting ourselves betrayed. Today we can give up these terrible old patterns and replace them with true love and Divine connections. Have a beautiful and transcendent day!!
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