HEALING CONSUMPTIONISM is the card for today. It signals a release of the need to fill an inner emptiness that can really only be filled by God. This is the love we seek and all the things we attempt to stuff ourselves with is just not enough to fill the void except momentarily. Our yearning continues and we translate it into the need for food,sex, experience,travel,alcohol,good times ,clothes,etc.But it is never enough. It is only LOVE that would satisfy us fully.So today with the tao moving us back toward truth and away from accumulating things we really don’t need or even want, we have the chance to set a truer course for that which would really fill our need. Consumptionism is simply trying to get comfortable in a life we have adjusted to. It attempts to quell the call for Home and staunch our wound with a band aid .This can only work if consumptionism goes hand in hand with dissociation. Today is a great day for getting back on the track of what you really want. Set a Course for Home and have great day!
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