The card for today is HEALING CONTROL. Our ego wants to do things ‘our way’ which it tells us is the right way. Yet , this only leads us into endless fights . Control is based on fear and old heartbreaks;it is the opposite of confidence which leads to success. When fear controls you ,you have to have your way. Communication and bridge building are successful alternatives.  Control is actually leaving out a part of your mind you split off earlier. At a deeper level you are only fighting with yourself . Integration is needed so both you and the other you are trying to control  can succeed. This means that you and the other can win together and also that you and your more hidden self come together for new confidence and greater success. Trust is the alternative and it would transform any situation you are in.but you would have to choose to invest your mind in a positive direction versus a negative one. HEALING CONTROL allows for a truer way that is more integrated and thus more able to receive.
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