HEALING CRUCIFIXION is the card of the day. Where we feel we have been crucified we feel justified in crucifying others. The subconscious shows that all crucifixion is self-crucifixion. We just use others to bang in the nails. We do this out of a mistaken need for independence and specialness. We do not realize that in almost every case that we separate we also, than, fuse with the person we separated from so as not to not feel lonely. This places us  in sacrifice until we heal this confusing situation. Self-attack is the biggest problem in the world, setting up the attack and self-attack that is the foundation of the ego. Today is a day to recognize where we are attacking ourselves and others and instead to invite grace in for forgiveness and self-forgiveness to heal the false memories. The ego used this trap to build itself and to obfuscate what really happened thus locking in guilt to cement in the problem as well as to hide the fear we had of moving forward and shining. Let us invite grace to undo the tangle the ego set up to keep us stuck for its own benefit. Let us bless others as we would have ourselves be blessed and respond to others’ calls for help rather than crucify them and ourselves. Have a miraculous day!!

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