HEALING CURSING is the card for today. Cursing takes place when with intent you wish someone ill. Sometimes this takes place unconsciously. Yet,we wish on ourselves what we wish on others. In a converse way what we wish on ourselves we wish on others, especially those that we love such as “Fuck me!” or “Cor Blimey” as the Brits say(which is God blind me in old English)  has a way of cursing ourselves.
Even the most intricate curses laid on someone can be removed with the metaphoric sword of truth because curses are not the truth.
 Ask yourself how many curses have been laid on you in this life, ancestrally and at a soul level.Use the sword of truth to cut away these dark illusions . Similarly ask that any curses you have made be dissolved with the sword of truth. Our cursing opens up to be cursed. Since we sometimes curse at unconscious levels it is good to put our higher mind in charge so this does not occur again but rather that where you have cursed you realize that you are called to bless so that your life might be blessed.
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