HEALING DENIAL is the card for today. Denial is a trap of the ego that doesn’t take responsibility for what is in our life or going on around us. Denial is a compensation that hides our miscreation . Instead of accountability the ego substitutes guilt and denial,repressing and relegating our part to the subconscious and unconscious. We are like the proverbial ostrich burying our head in the sand. We deny our bad attitude and our authority conflict.We compensate for them and only believe the positive role under which we hide our negativity toward those around us,our true selves and GOD, blaming on others what we were doing but have denied.
Where we have denial we will have a grievance toward another who we framed but who only needed our help. We refused to help in order to hide our denial of Heaven’s path that contained one of our soul gifts, a gift from Heaven, our purpose and our destiny any of which would have prevented the problem or the trauma. So, today could be a big day in which we see the part that we played . Responsibility allows healing .Otherwise we blame others and ourselves and we stay stuck ,which is exactly what the ego wants.
Beware the ego’s use of guilt. If the ego sees we are about to stop blaming others, it turns the blame on ourselves . This is simply another way to hide and fight others and GOD .GOD WHO is INNOCENCE ITSELF can only experience our innocence. The rest we made up to run and hide and have a world of our own meant to keep out the Creator. Today let us forgive ourselves and ask for forgiveness . Today let us take Heaven’s path that is still waiting for us.
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