HEALING EXPECTATIONS is the card for today. My old friend and fellow trainer,Bob Trask, once remarked that expectations were time bombs waiting to go off in relationships.
They are the number one cause of stress. They depict a split mind in which you want it and don’t it even though you push yourself for it. Your ego supplants your goals with expectations, which are really demands,which set up their own resistance. Demands come from needs and needs come from where we broke bonding and,of course, blamed it on another. Expectations fall into the biggest trap in life and relationships that someone or something out there must do something to make me happy. An expectation is the sign of great dissociation and it sets up untrue independence( doing things my way) and it has very little if any ability to receive..Disappointment and frustration are sure signs of expectations. An expectation is never enough. You keep pushing yourself and others,are going in too many directions and live a great deal by fantasy rather then real connection. HEALING EXPECTATIONS sets up release from hidden attachments and demands and allows movement forward. Have a day of happy release and flow today.
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