HEALING FANATICISM is the card for today. Fanaticism comes out of our old wounds. In the past it was communism, racism or fundamentalism that most showed fanaticism. Now it still racism,terrorists and fringe militia groups,etc. In fanaticism there is a belief that things need to be a certain way or those who don’t believe it are going to hell, should be killed or are the guilty ones causing the problem. As a result rage is built up toward the supposed bad guy. Fanaticism speaks to early childhood wounds and now certain beliefs become seen as the “TRUTH” that will save them and others. Fanaticism has roots in failure and guilt and today is a good day to ask that our old and ancient self-concepts of being fanatics be accepted,forgiven and integrated back to wholeness with Heaven’s help. Heaven sees no bad guys but only some who are lost and need help. Forgiveness and self-forgiveness frees you. The law of perception is: “If you perceive it you believe it about yourself.”  Shadows such as fanatics can be the buried anchors that hold our life from going forward as they contain hatred and self-hatred in a vicious circle. “I won’t condemn myself for this.” is a great forgiveness exercise from A Course in Miracles to free you and those you have projected on. Have a day of happy freedom!!

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