HEALING FEAR AS DECEPTION is the card for today. Fear is a choice. It comes from our attack thoughts and grievances and as we think so we experience. Our emotions come from our thoughts; they are not something that happens outside of us. They are a choice in which we could have chosen love, forgiveness or trust as these bring peace and confidence. If we have fear we support the ego in a believe that we are a body and can be harmed. To realize we are spirit is to give ourselves perfect immunity on all levels. 

The ego is made of fear. It promises to get rid of fear but it only gets rid of a bit of fear as it is made of it. Fear and illusion come from separation but we could love and forgive instead as that joins us. We deceive ourselves that fear comes from outside us, that it is an ego ploy to build itself and is an identification with it instead of how we were created as eternal spirit. Have a day of truth and freedom today!
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