HEALING FUSION is today’s card. Fusion is muddled boundaries. When there is fusion there is sacrifice and then there is only the negotiation about who sacrifices and when. Fusion comes about with the loss of bonding – something we actually threw away in an attempt to hide, be independent and attack others and ourselves. Fusion is a great excuse not to show up, live our purpose or shine. The HEALING OF FUSION is the giving up of old blame and a return to present partnership.

The HEALING OF FUSION gives us our natural boundaries so we can have real relatedness and giving/receiving instead of sacrifice. When we choose to give rather than do so out of roles,duties or supposed to’s than it is true giving and creates flow instead of burnout.

We use fusion as a substitute for bonding and while it mimics bonding, fusion leads to burnout. Fusion gets set up when we are children or even babies and only a committed relationship inspires us enough to face the old guilt, failure and blame to have true partnership. HEALING FUSION gives us back our power and love without sacrifice .

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